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Line Communications

September 29th, 2013

Technological Anacronismo The ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy) finishes prescribed a called technology PLC (Power Line Communications). The notice is printed in the national media as an absolute sensation, technological revolution. Made a mistake! We go to make a story and an analysis of this fact, we do not need, nor we must blame the ANEEL for the committed errors, the agency played its role, only that it are of the hour. Technology PLC is the use of the electric net for transmission of data, nothing more natural in the age of the knowledge and the society of the information. Technological wonder? Not, the technological anacronismo starts here that we will try to explain. The PLC is used in the world since the decade of 60, some technologies had been developed in this platform, also in Brazil has success cases here. In 1995 the CEMIG made a pioneering project with the use of electric net for transmission of data. The technology was used for applicatory with focus in the improvement of its net, the results had been great.

In 2000 the same CEMIG had the possibility to expand the technology, also with technological profits and many improvements, but the rationing and other reasons that do not come to the case had not left the project to prosper. I imagine in how many other countries expeincias of this type had not been tantadas, always esbarrando in the conservadorismo of a sector, independent of its native land. We live in a world where the speed is one of the premises of the economy and the technology. In the end of the decade of 90 the cellular telephony blew up in growth, millions of consumers entered in the market and this generated a handspike in the resources of P& D and in the proper market that reached unimaginable scales. The consequence is the infrastructure and markdown of equipment.


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