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Wood Pellets

April 14th, 2016

The new heating development came from Austria, where manufacturers are onto a glorious idea. In the large sawmills and planing mills are often remnants of pieces of wood and chips. These are processed in a specific process for the so-called wood pellets. Wood pellets are as the name suggests, from wood chips or residues. These are the remains pressed into rod form and are used in Austria, now known as fuel for pellet heating systems. Such heating has a similar structure, such as a fireplace or a coal stove. The pellets are burned in the oven and the hot air heats the rooms. This heating method is not yet in Germany allzuverbreitet because it is the cost does not cover her.

The wood pellets are increasingly produced at Verbraucherort, where many pieces of lumber, there may be fall, and thus produced as a by-product. By-product means that most of the remains, taken together, such as in carpentry, cut into pieces and then pressed. In the embodiment, this means that: the remains of with wood and chips are getrocknent only through a heating process and then washed. So that no remains are present and the timber then again not too wet, it is again dried with air. Thereafter, the chips in mills (hammer mills = sogneannte) brought to a uniform size and further pressed by the form templates (called Rundmatrizen =) to the pellets.

There are different thicknesses and sizes depending on use. In further processing, the pellet in press (= pellet) pressed with great pressure. The pellets without binder glue together their own wood by the lignin. After leaving the adhesive feet are cut by a knife in Wetzwerkauf the desired length. The diameter of the pellets is determined by so-called press channels. Each manufacturer has it’s own specifications. By a rubber pad, the strength of the pellets can be changed. The advantage of wood pellets is in their space.


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