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The Energy

July 8th, 2012

When we are in means of a storm not we give account that after rain always leaves the Sun. The night is never darker than before to dawn. When you read these words looking for to improve your life beams just like I long ago did when I listened a motivating personnel who said to me that it was possible to better change my life towards a morning. Understanding that conference made the difference when it did not have a cent, the possibility of a new beginning and the ability to make my dreams reality was what it made rise me when it went downhill. They say some Eastern cultures that when you go telling your dreams to a everybody part of the energy that you could be using to follow those same dreams, it is lost. Therefore they advise to follow your instincts without letting know to him to other people about your plans, except a those that are going to help to you to plan and to obtain what you want.

Most important in these circumstances it is that you believe in same you and in the possibilities always of obtaining best for you and yours. You remember when eras a boy the ability that you had to dream? It seemed to you that it did not have impossible. You were believed same omnipotent. It closes your eyes now and it feels same sensation. It creates surely that you can obtain what you want without concerning your age, your physical social condition or your characteristic. If you could verte through the eyes of God as you would see yourself? It feels the infinite love of the Creator towards his work and each of us. Same mate in the same form that you think that it would make the Almighty. It does not matter who is your God; It feels that tenderness because the combination of love, action and excellence is what will attract the prosperity your life.


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