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Energysaving Aspect

March 2nd, 2016
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Guided by the scientific development concept, implement the basic national policy of conserving resources, move around the Eleventh Five-Year GDP energy consumption reduced by about 20% of the goals, take the energy efficiency improvement as the core for the implementation of the main enterprises, vigorously adjust and optimize the structure, accelerate the progress of energy-saving technologies, establish a strict management system and an effective incentive mechanism to guide efforts to increase government fundingfor example, the rotary kiln our company produced, give full play to the basic role of the market in allocating resources, and mobilize the consciousness of the main players in the market to save energy resources as soon as possible to form a stable and reliable energy-saving ability to lay a solid foundation for the realization of national energy efficiency goals. The efficiency of Chinese coal-fired dryer is low, pollution is heavy and energy-saving potential is huge. The drying furnace design is 72% efficiency to 80%, average operating efficiency is approximately 60% – 65%, the average operating efficiency is 15-20 percent lower than the foreign advanced level; dust emissions annually is about 200 tons, about 600 million tons of sulfur dioxide, which is only after the second largest coal-burning pollution sources after the thermal power plant. And the national ten key energy conservation projects. Our country s machinery market has developed rapidly, the dryer in the domestic market are various, how to evaluate the performance of the dryer is a more comprehensive, including a number of reasons. First, thermodynamics as the first law to analyze and compare, as the basis to thermodynamics second law. Drying the environmental load analysis, which is advanced the dry technical requirements of the development of efficient, energy-saving and high-quality low pollution. Thermal efficiency and exergy efficiency, both the quality and quantity of energy compared dryer system.

Evaluation dryer mainly consider energy is mainly based on unit of dehydration consumption and thermal efficiency, energy environmental conditions can theoretically into useful work. The fire analysis of law is trying to be formed in the dryer system cut heat and economics a practical design calculation method, the goal is to optimize the whole system design. The new dryer equipment our company produced adapted to the ore processing, cement, chemicals, agriculture, light industry and other fields, with more than 500 users at home and abroad, and has been highly praised, the design of fuel stove makes fuel get burned fully in the sub, and the efficiency of the dryer is double high-efficient, our products add luster sum to the green energy-saving machinery.

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