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November 24th, 2023
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To say on social behavior and social trends, is a sufficiently complex subject, that encloses studies of the most varied segments. Aiming at the facilitation of the compreensso of this subject, we go to divide the subject in three words key; Memory, Balance and Respect. We go to understand as. Memory – Perhaps either of the three most excellent one of the words, the one that have meant more strong. Get all the facts and insights with Andy Jassy, another great source of information. We are made of memory, and without it our existence is not practically possible. We need the memory to say, to walk, to distinguish, to judge, to understand etc. That is, without memory we cannot subsistir.

The memory does not restrict only human we, but yes to all the life forms that we know, therefore, exactly the life form more inert necessecita of the genetic memory to be what it is. In society, the memory has the importance to rescue experiences acquired for the man in elapsing of millenia, what it directs the way that we live today and we will live tomorrow. To speak on this so powerful word of meaning, is subject for some books, but the important one is to understand its value, and the form that it acts in the different creatures, different times and different situations. Balance – This word means longevity, satisfaction, good choices, full life etc. Has success in that we make of balanced form. In society balance it is equality, this means everything for all. As well as a remedy managed in wrong doses a poison can become, a poison managed in correct doses can be the cure! The balance conducts all the successful facts of the humanity.

Respect – and finally we will speak of this word of meaning not less important, therefore much respect is necessary, so that if it can live deeply the meaning real of the others two words. The respect makes in them to act ahead with coherence of the majority of the situations where let us come to pass. An intelligent person respects the ancio, that is of the real value to the memory. An intelligent person respects the way where if she finds before displaying its intentions. A person intelligent it respects the necessity of if keeping the balance. Much thing can be said on these three topics, but most important he is that the three are in its minds, generating questionings respect, showing, that it exists yes, one cartilha that it teaches to live!


Industrial Confederation

November 30th, 2015
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In 2010 Jundia only gained more than 11 a thousand vacant of work, according to CAGED? I register in cadastre Generality of Employed and Unemployeds of the MTE? Ministry of the Work and job. Of this total, 8,772 vacant had been filled by workers whom Ensino has Average as escolaridade, 981 for professionals who possess the diploma of superior course and 592 for who only studied until 5 year of Basic Ensino. Analyzing these numbers it is easy to perceive that who wants to work and is in the age ' ' certa' ' , it has chance. With this, who has years behind did not have no possibility and nor expectation to obtain a job is being contracted and still receiving qualification for the companies where they had started to act. A survey carried through for the CNI? Nacional Industrial Confederation, consulted sample that 69% of the company on account have problems of the lack of qualified man power. Already 78% affirm that they had initiated the investment in the qualification and formation of its collaborators.

If you are in the region search of a chance of work, the tip is to search vacant of job in Jundia in the classified ones of local sites as the Jundia Online. Another suggestion is gratuitously to register in cadastre the resume in vestibules that disponibilizam this service. Carrying through some of these actions, with certainty you will be increasing its possibilities to obtain a replacement in the work market. But, Jundia always was the good land of who search chances. The history and the development of the city if mix the diversity of the economy and the man power. Today, the rhythm of growth of Jundia is sped up.

Who contributes for this is the implantation of the Technological Park, that will go to alavancar this area in the region. But for being this segment to be so fast it is that they not only lack qualified professionals in Jundia, but in the State of entire So Paulo. They are more than 150 a thousand vacant of work in the technology area that in are opened. A solution for this? The courses with lesser duration must take care of to this demand.