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July 14th, 2016
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But if we already fell into the trap, apart from deleting the event in question, it is convenient to enter the account settings and verify that nothing strange there is. From there, it’s always well comment the trouble with our contacts, to raise awareness and protect us all. The common denominator of all these attacks is the promotion through them of false applications, generally related topics as you see who looks at your profile, find out who has deleted you on Facebook, etc. viruses that used Facebook to infiltrate PCs for its part there are malicious software that use this platform to enter our computers. These viruses steal the identity of social network and circulating on the Internet. Inserted into computers through an order for downloading files.

Ask these viruses for users by e-mail or instant messaging to fall contaminated files.The first of these, a Trojan program is capable of operating in the computer of a user without their permission to send spam or junk mail. Asprox.N is called and is propagated from an email with an attached document that says to speak on behalf of Facebook. Notifies the user that their account generates spam and that your password has been changed. Within the message there is a Word file where apparently would be the key. But to download the attachment, the user enables all ports and sends this spam to your contacts, without it or even notice it.

The second, Lolbot.Q, is spread via links in instant messaging services and immobilizes the user on Facebook account. Then the virus requests Navigator your phone number to the company to send you a new password so I can enter to the social network, when actually what it does is to subscribe the user to a Messenger service that could pay more than $10 a week. Increasingly more hackers take advantage of the massive popularity of Facebook, with more of 500 million users worldwide, and make it the perfect target to promote their pirate activities. Speaking candidly Vida Vacations told us the story. Wary of any message with a subject line too striking, as well as be careful when providing personal information on the Internet it is recommended.

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