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The GreenPeace

May 20th, 2016
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Reduce our energy consumption translates into a saving for the family or personal economy and contributes to reducing the emissions of GHG to the atmosphere. The GreenPeace guide on energy saving, mentions several actions and practices not to be part of a growing problem that is climate change. These practices range from the correct use of electrical appliances, lighting, water, waste, air conditioning and heating. He notes that spending on heating in a well insulated House saves 50 to 90% in a real reduction in CO2 emissions as well as household spending. To make more efficient the heating or air conditioning system: insulates your home; cover the cracks in ceilings, walls and floor (in that order) and avoid using foams containing harmful gases to the ozone layer: there are alternative insulating materials such as cellulose, which consists of recycled newsprint shortlisted and mixed with boricas salts of origin natural.

Its main characteristics of cellulose insulation are: thermal and acoustic protection for life. Energy saving in buildings. Economic savings for the constructor. Economic savings for the user of the property, reduction of expenses on invoices. Thermal comfort. Contribution to ecology.

Recycled source material. Reducing emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Ease to use material in buildings in rehabilitation. Maximum utilization of the available surface. Characteristics of material safety: it is neither flammable nor toxic. Quality/price ratio. Very competitive price. It does not degrade with the passage of time. 6 C less on warmer summer evenings. The reduction of inputs of heat or cold, increases the feeling of comfort and creates a healthy environmental climate.