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Data Centers

April 1st, 2023
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The idea of Green IT is significantly more advanced home and Office area free of Green IT in German data centers than in the mobile and work area of private and Office users. There, in the area of stand alone, many users still believe, the essential operating costs of your computer are already made with the acquisition and program spending. This exceeds the energy balance, based on the life, the cost of a computer often significantly. For high end PCs, energy expenditure can reach quite three-digit amounts in the year. “Yet there is no single manufacturer…

who applied to the Blue Angel”, says Siddharth Prakash, scientists at the oko-Institut for the PC sector. This operation-optimized PCs, handhelds and laptops could save energy on the order of two coal-fired power plants: between five and seven terawatt-hours electricity a year. Still more clearly the potential for savings were, would an estimated 13 million individual workstation in German companies is replaced by a company-wide network, where a central server takes the entire his former colleagues of computing. Employees found out only keyboard, mouse and monitor on her desk. As long as only journalists like golem or network world the theme of ‘Green IT in the home and Office area’ on the agenda, while large magazines addressing prefer latest gimmicks for iPhone or Android, the demand for energy-optimized PCs and Netbooks in borders will hold. So far, the theme is something particularly guard and cost-conscious decision makers, showing interested in within the framework of energy audits in progress in the fields of energy efficiency and operating security sooner than others.


The Customer

July 5th, 2017
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Especially exclusive food of the Argentine steak up to high quality candy, are so protected. Also food retailers benefit from this seal function in their struggle against physical inventory differences. The futurist is a great source of information. The so-called temper evident labels that employees in the business to buy something and again make the bags on the way back by the store and fill with additional articles to prevent. The company must therefore only still ensure that no employee leaves the store with a broken seal. World novelty: universal label for hundreds of products with the VPI label (variable product information) it is possible to use always the same label for a whole range of articles. The basic layout is preprinted with the company-specific parameters as with general corporate design, logo and slogan. The fields for the variable data such as product name, date, weight and price can by the customers themselves be printed.

It eliminates the set-up time for replacing the labels on the product change, also award errors belong to the past. In addition, the customer can order the universal label in large circulation and thus save. Multi talented label retail informs, seals and protects traditionally packaging provided with different prices, information and jewelry labels. An alternative approach, the so-called C-wrap labelling enables the presentation of all content on only a label, which encloses the product from three sides and with a C”Forms. This procedure opens the user a number of advantages: award processes with several labels more frequent changeover are accordingly required. Also errors can creep, if not all rolls are changed synchronously with the different products. Then can, for example, the salami with the underside label of the ham fail are applied. By representing all product information on only one Label be avoided such award errors and reduces the number of role switching and storage costs. TTI system label guarantees the cold chain custom foods are highly sensitive goods where even small deviations from the set temperature can cause considerable damage.

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