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The Enterprise

May 11th, 2016
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Everything from start somewhere, professional growth, the opening of the enterprise, competition, it was all in every business person. Just in time stability of this was forgotten, and now have to remember. And to improve its efficiency for the benefit of their own business. So you do not need to invent something new, you just have to remember something, what was more recently and to return some control methods, taking into account the changed situation. 3.Sokraschenie costs. Very often, it is understood as a reduction in staff. Many companies have already conducted indiscriminate cuts, not thinking that the deficit situation, high-quality staff, they have deprived themselves of the resource, which can ensure the future growth and development of the enterprise. Yes, it is an indisputable fact that in a period of stability Many companies have inflated their staff up to unreasonable proportions.

Income allows you to keep staff, feedback from which was quite low. In a situation of crisis, many people tried to get rid of this staff, but I would recommended that you remember how much invested in this staff. Search, selection, adaptation, training and other costs. And now you just cut the staff to a year to start a new search personnel. Maybe we should change the order of use of personnel and reduce the high salaries are not reasonably certain categories of workers. Then, probably, and no one would have to cut. 4.In the crisis situation is not to democracy. Yes, according to all rules and regulations crisis management, the most effective management style is "authoritarian" or so-called "dictatorship".