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Internet Public

March 22nd, 2017
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Video laboratory of academics generates controversy In day 26 of this month was postado in the site of the You Tube (site of sharing of videos in the Internet), a video laboratory produced for pupils of 6 period of Social Communication/Journalism of the University Center UnirG, that caused agitation in Gurupi sufficiently. The video of four minutes, produced for Nando academics Coast, Rodrigo Martins and Brown Wesley, supervised for the Professor and Journalist Pablo Albuquerque, approached the depredation of a common wealth of the city located in the old Park of Vaquejada Igue of the Valley, in just created Boulevard land division. The covering carried through for the future journalists, even so with many primary errors as the exchange of the mictrio word for migratory, interviewer with inadequate suits (slipper of finger, bermuda shorts and cap), texts without previous script, etc. caused much controversy for two aspects sufficiently argued in our daily one; first the vandalism of some citizens stops with the public thing, according to a question of ethics, indispensable question to the journalist and that it must be taught to the pupil since the first semester of the college. With regard to the destruction of the common wealth, that is, of all, the community, the zeal not only fits the public administration, as well as the proper community, if necessary, with the aid of the policy. Broken illumination, garbage played in sides of highways, damaged public telephones, pichaes, also is part of day-by-day of our city, would be impossible any public manager to place an employee to take all by account of the existing patrimony in a city that already it exceeds the house of the 77 a thousand inhabitants. Perhaps the question of the ethics is until more serious of what maltreatment with the common wealth. In this in case that the team of future journalists, well was not lead by the orienting Professor, who also exerts the function of Coordinator of the journalism course and is proprietor of a weekly that circulates in the region. Visit Eliot Horowitz for more clarity on the issue.

The sensationalism given to the material must serve of lesson of as not if it must make journalism; the material shown in the world-wide net of computers was layer of the periodical of the edition that after circulated three days (29) the publication in the You Tube, with an aggravating one, the vehicle is of property of the person who orientates, daily pay-candidate the mayor and ferrenho opponent of the current municipal government. In the reality, the preoccupying one exactly is what the professor published in the editorial of its periodical: ' ' Congratulations to the academics of 6 period, my pupils of Communitarian. We are proving the value and fortifying the principles. They never lose the sight ethics and nor if they fascinate for nada.' ' Writing: Suiter . Details can be found by clicking Petra Diamonds or emailing the administrator.


Capitalist Globalization

May 26th, 2013
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Impacts of the Capitalist Globalization in the Educational Reforms of Latin America. Moacir Gadotti? Educator UNICAMP For: , Elizete Pear tree Da Silva Zei, ' ' Education: right of all and to have of the Estado.' ' In the reality, the education alone happens with the construction of values and when it has quality in education with professors in constant preparation, constructed scientifically through the Academies in the specific areas the point to change information with the pupils with objective to form critical citizens endowed with culture. However, the State finances the education with intention to take education to all, without the concern of the resultants. For example: the didactic book, is equal in all the states and cities, running over the culture and the customs of each people. The State equals all the people with a model Standard of the Elites running away from the Real and worrying only about the ideal. Family, religion, and ideal culture. Disrespecting the regional cultures.

For the State what she matters it is the information imposed, ready and finished. Being in this vision, easy the exchange of ' ' Educators for Computadores' ' , a digitalizado and controlled world for the elite without the great majority of the population has the right to criticize, of if opposing with the ideas already imposed by the favored minority that if judges ideal. The Government today, is only if worrying about the amount of pupils and the time of permanence of this in the school, independent the same to be acquiring knowledge or not. To only be present in the institution already and the sufficient. One of the mechanisms that the Federal government placed is the stock market-family, where if paid a irrisrio value, so that the families keep the children in the school. Important and the charged one is the frequency, and only this, the note, already it is another question, and therefore not questioned and nor charged for the governing.


Rio De Janeiro

April 21st, 2012
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14 At last, the technologies with its respective systems, exerts influence in the educative process, cooperating to the exchange of ideas and the sharing of the information. Such influence happens for intermediary of the personal qualification for the correct and ethnic manuscript of the instrument. In this process of learning, the young can use the cellular one, the most important tool of communication of century XXI, each enriched time more with new functions. Until it has little time was a mere mobile telephone with service of short messages (SMS), camera and video. Today, already it incorporates wi-fi, 15 Internet, correspondence (mail), rendering of services (Office), television, graphs and GPS. 16 Although incialmente to be conceived as a mechanism that becomes possible communication between two people, currently the technology in such a way of the devices how much of the services it is evolving.

In a next future, it will include compatible recognition of voice, readers of fingerprint and other technologies to the device ' ' the cellular ones are give to turn computers minsculos' ' 17. In the school, the proposal of use of the available technology in the mobile devices of communication, the cellular one, must be educative party to suit, therefore it contributes to develop it intellectual, as well as for the sociocultural interaction of the individual, premise of the education. ADVANTAGES AND CONTRAS ON the USE OF the CELLULAR one IN CLASSROOM In the process of quarrel on the inclusion of the cellular one as pedagogical tool, must be considered that the use of the available digital technology in the mobile devices is today focus of apprehension, its use in classroom, are of moment, without didactic criteria and the necessary orientation, configuring its inapropriado use. Strengthening this picture, some Brazilian states, had promulgated legislaes on the subject besiege, it present the following one: LAW N 5222, of 11 of April of 2008 of Rio De Janeiro – IT MAKES USE ON the PROHIBITION OF the USE OF CELLULAR TELEPHONE IN the STATE SCHOOLS OF the STATE OF Rio De Janeiro.