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Solar Panels

March 31st, 2016

How does one, to give expression to a sustainable bad decision, as it does the solar panel on the roof just as prominently? Keyword age pyramid. Because operators already thinking about tomorrow, is to review the quality of the flats in the inventory. The age-appropriate bath, which allows the tenant to live as long as possible even determined in his own apartment is a real competitive factor. Hence, the trends for the new bathroom run almost in the arms.

In the bath exhibition or in the bath Studio of the designer. But here is much as usual and not together. Brand could be presented here competently with solutions and added value, which justify the premium. To the touch, experience, understanding and love. Sustainable arguments? In the catalogue on page 48.

“Finding light for the consultants’ and easy” to understand who positioned his product personality, lifestyle and understanding of the target group, in the Invest environment of the advice and the advice itself. Intelligent product arguments are the salt in the soup of a communication style, which gives it personality brands and consultants the competence to justify a price. To capitalize on the above trends also means to strive for a consistent reasoning in the Advisory. In the exhibition, by the Scheduler and the installer. All involved should sustainability”and age-friendly living” in the relevant topics of the customers can translate! Can they do that? The manufacturer can do this impetus, positioning themselves. The above trends offer the chance to cooperate. To use, the chance of the exhibition is to compete against Reuter, mega bath and co. To point out the chance of the manufacturer brand in the tender. And the chance of the Installer locally to distinguish themselves. So Planner good arguments for sustainable building have that pays for itself. And ultimately all the customers find and bind to bring the sustainable success.

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