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Information Technologies

August 6th, 2017
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Good thing is to repent, but best thing still not be exposed to it. Proverb Danish very difficult pass by unnoticed in the present 21st century which represents the management of knowledge, more when we find ourselves with a new technology that has changed the dynamics of communications, becoming more pro-active and adapted to the progress of globalization, as everything to do with the information technologies that allow having tools that support knowledge management in enterprisessupporting the collection, transfer, security and the systematic management of information, along with systems designed to help make the best use of that knowledge. In detail, says Wikipedia, refers to tools and techniques designed to preserve the availability of the information carried out by dominant individuals and facilitate the decision-making process, as well as reduce the risk. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ray Kurzweil. It is a software market and an area in the practice of the consulting, related to disciplines such as competitive intelligence. A particular topic of knowledge management is that knowledge cannot encode easily in digital form, such as the intuition of dominant individuals which comes with years of experience and be able to recognize different patterns of behaviour that someone with less experience may not recognize. Wikipedia adds in their contributions, the knowledge management process, also known in its phases of development such as corporate learning or organizational learning, mainly has the following objectives: identify, collect and organize existing knowledge. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from kevin ulrich. Facilitate the creation of new knowledge. Underpin innovation through reuse and support of the people through organizations ability to achieve a better performance in the company. On the other hand it is important to consider as quoted us a student of graduate school of management, taking into account, contributed topical subject by Juan Jose Goni Zabala in an article entitled the management of knowledge management knowledge, which highlights the need to understand and develop this last modality, affirming that the knowledge management is a current modelizadora of the transformation of companies introducing the consideration of other resource more (knowledge), to respond to new demands for change and improvement, and to maintain competitive positions using intensively the capabilities of people and of information technologies.

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Ana Lukenda Photographers

June 15th, 2017
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Images that tell a story: photo agency Edith images goes online Cologne/Frankfurt a.M., 08.03.2013. It has teamed a lot in the world of images: you are not only in a matter of seconds produced, edited and sent around the world, but must be processed in particular always faster. As a result, image fatigue. Nevertheless, it is the image of remains central carrier of information and emotion, and therefore indispensable for the communications industry. Mitchel Resnick has plenty of information regarding this issue. Edith images from Cologne has a remedy for the Visual attention deficit disorder: the new image agency opts for authentic works with aesthetic, which is also a story about individual tags.

Edith images is now available online at The currently 4000 pictures database delivers images with depth motifs from all areas, because the founders of Ana Lukenda and Franziska Liebig is first and foremost about the strength of the imagery. With a focus on artistic works and analog aesthetic, Edith images follows the trend After deceleration, authenticity and depth qualities that are becoming increasingly important in the digital age. People have enough viewed on the surface”, says Edith founder and communication designer Ana Lukenda. Our images invite you to linger and ask the Viewer to take a second look out so as you would discover long hidden images of the attic.” This comparison does not come by about: in addition to digital photos, Edith images offers unique analog treasures from different decades, transporting a hardly achievable feel and depth. Thus, the young agency appeals to a growing target group interested in social and cultural issues, which is increasingly more challenging against Visual messages.

The website reflects the innovative concept a stage for strong images also. Well-known categories are for Edith images not finding, ensure accurate search settings for results that meet the customers. They expected no hours click by tons to Material, but a careful selection of authentic photos and illustrations that correspond to the spirit of the times. Everything on personal contacts is based on Edith images. So, the images get the venue that is due to them. A simple design takes the photographs expertly produced. The software tool jQuery plugin isotopes focuses on picture selections. Individual diversity 40 conceptual and theme-oriented working photographers and photographers have so far filled the platform. Edith images focuses on young, international, established themselves on the image market photographers and a fair price-performance ratio: our photographers act with passion. We want to reward that”, says founder Franziska Liebig. Accordingly, the photographer can exhibit their work under the rights managed or royalty free licenses available. About Edith images Edith images is a photo agency founded in 2011 by the communication designers Ana Lukenda and Franziska Liebig, headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Currently about 4000 images of 40 photographers is comprehensive since March 2013 Database online. You due to its focus on authentic imagery with aesthetic, stands out consciously against the classical picture agencies and offers unique analogue images in addition to digital works. While Edith images relies on individuality rather than mainstream. Edith images sees itself as a platform for young, conceptual and theme-oriented working photographers. They get a profile on the website and copies of relevant projects for own use. The provider can make available their work under the license rights managed or royalty free. Customers benefit from carefully selected photos and illustrations that match the spirit of the times with its strong imagery.

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Mobile Design Fair System

May 3rd, 2017
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High-quality design and outstanding Tower element mobile EX POMADE the interzum trade fair system is the international trade fair for suppliers to the furniture industry and interior design. From 25 to 28 May 2011 Cologne trade fair takes place in the the world’s leading event in the industry. In addition to product developers, designers and architects also decision makers from industry and trade there arrive, to discover the latest visions for the design of living spaces. So that not only their own products offer an outstanding design, but also the own exhibition stand, an important success factor is the choice of the right trade fair concept. “With the mobile exhibition system EX POMADE which can stand out of different designs to be transferred to the trade fair system and a protruding with system” on the stand. The distinctive Tower element can not only set a clear signal, but also the advertising message in the amount taken and provide maximum visual impact.

While the advertising motif without interruption can be presented. By abandoning flat carrier can the advertising message open presents, sharpened the brand message and new contacts are closed. It can also expand EX POMADE trade fair system individually and flexibly adapt to different areas and conditions. In particular the high-quality design and the Tower element make interzum the EX POMADE trade fair system an ideal companion for the. Even the profile can be colored in any desired colour, allowing optimum adaptation to the advertising theme. This high individuality is possible with almost any other system – booth at the market.

This convinced the mobile exhibition system not only due to the innovative design, but also with an enormous cost advantage. No additional stand Builder must be ordered through mobility and easy self Assembly, but the Assembly and disassembly can be made from the own personnel. The open presentation area allows the absolute focus on exhibits and own merits. Also can the demanding audience with an inviting presentation area the eye-catching towers immediately moved to the booth and generates high levels of attention. Even the installation of digital components is possible at any time. With the EX POMADE media, digital content can be integrated directly in the stand construction and requires no complicated adjustment of printed content to the moving images.

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Promotional Products For Salons

April 29th, 2016
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Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways of promotional products for hairdressers are always very popular and she are there also in many different places. There are for example restaurants where there are coupons for specific groomers, where there is then a certain price reductions at the next hair cut. Just as there are also hair styling products in small portion packs, which extends only a few applications, being here on a high quality should be used, so that the customer remembers it and if he that same logo on the packaging with the excellent hair care product looks, then directly a occurs and hair cut can be, or anything else with his hair can be about a hair salon. Of course has the good service and a similar experience as follow with the promotional items for hairdressers in the Salon itself, otherwise the customer is of course disappointed and thinks only no longer there yet once over to make his hair look. These promotional items, there are often also at the Barber himself, so the customer as a good memory can take home this and already alone therefore once again comes.

The promotional items are finally not only there new customers through their good workmanship and quality to get time to look at the hair salon, past, but at the same time these promotional items to help also remain faithful to the old customers, by giving them not just free to her visit to, but this free hair care product also has a very good effect, which the customer retains all this positive in memory and continue to this hair salon comes, as long as he is regular customer, the staff already recognize him and he remains even a loyal customer, if the time to one or two euro prices, can also continue to finance this all promotional items for hairdressers, because for the hairdresser myself are of course also not entirely free, even if they new customers win, already a couple of times past must get so it at least once again is balanced, the costs considered. Here also the old regulars still play a good role, why should they ever switch the hairdresser, when the old is suddenly even free hair care and hair styling products home with them, where you can get then free itself as well as at the hairdresser finished hair, just that the whole home, completely free with the promotional items, at least except for the money, which is at the hairdresser so or so paid has, but that should have been Yes finally also so or so paid, although there would have been nothing for nothing. For this reason, advertising articles for hairdressers trigger have a positive sense but also contribute to the old and loyal regular customers through a positive event, which is then connected to the hair salon. Then the satisfied customers tell of course her friends, family and acquaintances from the hair salon and that there even just so free and free to do so there something for home, and already the goal is reached. Oliver Smith

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Promotional Giveaway Items – The Right For Trade Fairs And Other Events

April 29th, 2016
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Facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways if you have developed a new product, a new brand or a new service with your company, then usually the next step, this new product on the market, which fought very hard in this day and age is to publish. However, this step should be more carefully planned, because he is very important for the success of the product and the company. Due to the tough competition which prevails in this day and age, it is as important that you plan an intensive advertising campaign that tries to convince the potential customers and clients by various means. If you use for example on promotional giveaway items, you can achieve typically a very good result, because these articles are intended to attract as many people at once, what can emerge especially as very valuable, if you are with your company at a trade show or another huge event. On one such occasion, it is also important that you as many freebies has, because often several hundred or even a thousand potential customers are, you all have to see.

Therefore, also the price plays a particularly important role, if you must ensure that you have as many freebies as possible available. Additional information at Atmos Energy supports this article. The promotional giveaway items are therefore a particularly good choice for big events, because on the one hand, they are not only very cheap, on the other hand, many manufacturers and wholesalers offer very lucrative and generous volume discounts, which is why it can often pay to order a larger quantity, and not only money to save, but to magnify the impact of the advertising campaign. A further advantage of this method is that there are many giveaways, which can be used to distribute at trade fairs and other events. Not only pen and USB sticks are very appropriate gifts, but also key fobs, key rings or even T-Shirts can be used as promotional items in place an advertising campaign. Even T-Shirts can be purchased at very favorable conditions, when people attack back instead of an embroidery on the pressure, to bring an advertiser message on the textiles. Can be used but also slightly more expensive gifts, which will have a better quality, and thus guaranteed to impress the people because it is not used that companies at trade fairs to distribute high-quality freebies. So the campaign will cost more, but they convey the message that your company for quality stands, and that your products are guaranteed a good investment potential customers and clients. To deepen your understanding Kevin Ulrich is the source. Therefore it may be worth really bringing in high-quality promotional giveaway items in the advertising campaign.

There are by the way some companies and corporations that already use this method of advertising with great success. Therefore also consider themselves necessarily, if you use this kind of advertising in your next marketing campaign, because slips so within reach of success. Use these freebies in your next Advertising campaign a, and you are the epitome of success make your company quick and easy, and quick sales in the amount of leave. Oliver Smith

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In Rainbows

April 23rd, 2016
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Instead of the seventh album as usual trading to publish, it was available only on the Internet, and everyone could themselves decide how much he wanted to pay for it. Some opted to pay nothing for it, as I (but not, because I thought the album was nothing worth, but because I wanted to know whether it was actually allowed), others lay down voluntarily over $ 20 for it. The average reached a selling price of $ 6. In Rainbows”, Radiohead’s most commercially successful album was. In a time where sales throughout the industry crash, Radiohead achieved this enviable figures: the album has a total three million copies worldwide sold as Internet downloads, CD, a Deluxe disc box with the regular album on CD, a bonus CD and two vinyl records, as well as through iTunes and other digital retailers. The Deluxe disc box to the proud price of $ 80 sold 100,000 copies. Before the physical CD on the market came, Radiohead has over the Internet already more money”made with in rainbows as with the sale of the previous album in all formats.

And the tour by Radiohead was the most successful tour of the band with 1.2 million tickets sold. There are plenty of artists like Radiohead, who know how to appreciate it, that they with free reach a much larger audience, from which some one day be paying customers, because they attend their concert, get the T-Shirt of the band or to read and Marvel buy their music. The record companies know only too well that they are losing more and more influence. Some decided by all means to battle their benefice say, relentless pirates to tackle. Many of the smaller labels however implement successful innovative concepts: RCRD LBL, a company that was founded by the Starblogger Pete Rojas, offers its customers free music against advertising. Fortunately German book book price fixing industry not just before its collapse, but for hundreds of authors (and a few publishers), this is no Reason not as free to experiment.

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Solar Panels

March 31st, 2016
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How does one, to give expression to a sustainable bad decision, as it does the solar panel on the roof just as prominently? Keyword age pyramid. Because operators already thinking about tomorrow, is to review the quality of the flats in the inventory. The age-appropriate bath, which allows the tenant to live as long as possible even determined in his own apartment is a real competitive factor. Hence, the trends for the new bathroom run almost in the arms.

In the bath exhibition or in the bath Studio of the designer. But here is much as usual and not together. Brand could be presented here competently with solutions and added value, which justify the premium. To the touch, experience, understanding and love. Sustainable arguments? In the catalogue on page 48.

“Finding light for the consultants’ and easy” to understand who positioned his product personality, lifestyle and understanding of the target group, in the Invest environment of the advice and the advice itself. Intelligent product arguments are the salt in the soup of a communication style, which gives it personality brands and consultants the competence to justify a price. To capitalize on the above trends also means to strive for a consistent reasoning in the Advisory. In the exhibition, by the Scheduler and the installer. All involved should sustainability”and age-friendly living” in the relevant topics of the customers can translate! Can they do that? The manufacturer can do this impetus, positioning themselves. The above trends offer the chance to cooperate. To use, the chance of the exhibition is to compete against Reuter, mega bath and co. To point out the chance of the manufacturer brand in the tender. And the chance of the Installer locally to distinguish themselves. So Planner good arguments for sustainable building have that pays for itself. And ultimately all the customers find and bind to bring the sustainable success.

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Hair Care Products

May 6th, 2013
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The best products for Loreal hair care there are some really fantastic companies for hair care, but Loreal is definitely one of the most popular. Loreal is a company of many years and incredibly respected, offers a collection of different beauty products. Particularly there are some fantastic products that are available for the hair care, will be particularly discussed in detail here. Loreal Elvive este is one of the best products of the Loreal hair care, uses dual action technology, with an advanced complex of nutrileum which helps to keep moisture in the hair the whole day. This formula also works to keep moisture out of hair, which reduces the fluff effect and helps to maintain smooth and silky tips throughout the day. This is one of Loreal products for the hair care, which works affecting specific areas that need it and maintaining moisture for softness and shine to hair. Loreal conditioner There are various options for the conditioners deLoreal, but one thing that all of these products offer is nutrition for hair.

All spraying without leaving too oily hair, because this can lead to dandruff and of course, nobody wants to make your hair look greasy. The range of Loreal hair care products are available to everyone, regardless of your hair type, to get the style you want and keep your hair healthy and beautiful. One of the best ways that a person can throw a vistaso through several Loreal hair care products, is looking on the Internet and browse some Web sites. This is great because it allows that the person can find several pages, to see what are the various products and what they have to offer. It is important to do this before you go to buy any of these products, since without this kind of information the person is going to make purchases blindly without having idea that product is going to be the most suitable for your hair. Choose from the multiplicity of Loreal products which are available, can be intimidating, but this process can be much easier to simply by taking a little time to learn about the various options before going to do any real shopping. There are various products available for each style and length of hair, so choose appropriately. Visit our page, here you will find more about fashion and beauty fashion and beauty