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Solar Energy

February 12th, 2013

The objective is to help the environment and my wallet. Solar energy is not as complicated as it seems, but you have to do your homework. Start making contacts with some companies or specialists, who do an evaluation of your home to solar power, which would include: * the power consumption of the House, to be obtained from solar energy. * Measures of energy saving that you can implement at home. * Space and orientation of the ceiling available for installation of solar energy panels. * Amount of energy that is expected to be generated by the installation of solar energy. * Interference such as trees and other obstacles that produce cones of shadow and interfere with the uptake of solar energy.

* Infrastructure that need to be updated, existing electrical system, etc. * local restrictions on the installation of solar panels. Legislation, normative. * Cost of what you currently pay for energy versus the rate of local public service by the power returned to the network, then its entry into operation your solar energy equipment. * Return on investment projected, before and after the discounts. Tax credits, aid by self-supporting construction, etc. * policies of service enterprises and expansion plans that have. Not all the houses are possible to be converted entirely to solar energy, some is only cost-effective installation of solar water heaters, elsewhere the placement of a photovoltaic solar power system and other solar thermal power is highly depreciable/amortisable.

Total or partial solar energy. * Some homes do not have the proper orientation for the solar energy capture. Some roofs are too divided to give space to the solar panels to generate sufficient electricity. The country areas have zoning regulations and there are problems with the aesthetics of the solar roof panels. With all this, the technical, professional, can give you an idea of the actual feasibility invest in total solar energy or partially in your home.


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