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Energy Companies

February 12th, 2013

We could talk about renewable energy, which seems to be the future, but in this case focus our attention the electric power and gas companies. Since the market was liberalized, there are lot of companies offering their services, and by a very different price each other; It would ideally be compare the prices and benefits of each one and choose the one that most suits your needs and Pocket. Firstly, there is a series of concepts, make clear that there are two types of consumers what electricity and gas concerns: 1.-qualified consumers who opt for the liberalized market. 2. Consumers to rate: distributors to regulated prices are supplied by companies.

And secondly: what is a last resort rate? The maximum prices established by the administration. Some power companies selling of last resort are: Endesa energy XXI, Iberdrola commercialization of last resort or Union Fenosa Metra, for example. Companies in free market they are still more, and among them is Naturgas energy marketer. In it the gas comes to, it also has these two types of companies. Remember, check rates, compare prices and don’t miss this opportunity to choose.


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