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July 4th, 2017

DD + V Media Group sets HUP Publisher software with ad system Brunswick, the 07.09.2010 – HUP is DD + V Media Group its publishing software in particular the indicators system of the HUP Publisher software available. What began with a successful four-week test position in advance, the HUP himself with his publishing software solution could hold its own against the competition, now culminated in the signing of the contract between the DD + V media group and the HUP AG. The HUP Publisher software replaces a Cicero ad system and equip up to 300 jobs for an annual ad revenue by up to 250,000 units. In addition to the HUP ad system contained in the publishing software in the Enterprise Edition the Publisher uses more benefits HUP Publisher software. DD + V reinforced its business processes in the future also with HUP WebAnzeigen, the CRM, as well as a statistical solution – HUP the GoLive for the usage of the HUP Publisher software is carried out within one year.

Characteristic for the Enterprise Edition of the HUP Publisher software is mainly that it the step further dare, off standardized workflows to extraordinary, individual processes. A connection of the publishing software to the SAP systems is included in the project accounting and PPI sheet design also. The Saxon newspaper with the morning post of Saxony, the DD + V Media Group publishes not only the leading dailies in the Regierungsbezirk Dresden. In addition it opens new markets with leading Saxon sz-online Internet portal and its services as well as regional magazines on various topics. As a leading regional daily newspaper in the area of Dresden, the Sachsische Zeitung daily over 700,000 readers supplied regional as well as global news, pictures and comments.

She reads daily about every second population aged 14 and above in the appearance area, because the 19 local teams make sure that the Sachsische Zeitung is spatially and thematically as close to everyday of their readers on it like no other newspaper. And even in Dresden, where are four newspapers to the reader favor argue, is the Sachsische Zeitung with just under 43% range far ahead of any other title. HUP is provider of publishing solutions, with a complete product range for all areas of the publishing house. All brand software products are developed in house. The publishing software, financial software and the publishing services are leading. The publishing software combines IT and publishing expertise for a complete business solution. The financial software streamlines complex processes in modern accounting. The product range is complemented by the publishing service, which offers an individually configurable full service package for publishers who want to outsource your tasks.

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