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Quality Management Principles

August 30th, 2016

Hence, the program sets goals for development of quality management that allows participants: a Know advise companies and organizations according to business excellence models a Know what are the standards and certification of quality national and international levels regarding the quality a Designing and implementing TQM programs for the company as a whole and for certain areas . a Using statistical techniques and data analysis more common in the context of quality management. a Assess the potential use of multiple techniques and methodologies used in the world of quality. a Develop an overview of what it means to run a business with total quality. a Saber diagnose over l status of external and internal quality. The program provides all basic fundamentals underlying the quality management and believes that the success of an organization should be the result of implementing and maintaining a customer-oriented management, based on the definition of systems and processes result: clearly understandable, manageable, and upgradeable. a Emphasis on the relevance, alcancea representaa currently the national and international standardization. As well as the way has been ELA Origin and evolution of the family of standards IRAM-ISO 9000 Series.

Planning and Documenting a Management System IRAM-ISO Quality Management Principles Quality IRAM-ISO 9001. Main definitions. IRAM-ISO 9001, ISO 9004-IRAM. Guidelines for improving desempeno.a Of course, other rules will Consider us Series IRAM-ISO 9000 standards and other regulations in 2000 and 2001 were proporcionaa also all the basics tools to evaluate what should be the general requirements of a System of Quality Management according to the organizational culture of the company, its characteristics and needs, emphasis is on what should be the efficient management processes. Resource allocation processes. Product realization processes.


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