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Present Fuels

September 1st, 2016

Many scientists believe that the fotovoltaica solar energy is of vital importance for the survival human being. In the present time, great part of the world depends on energy sources that to provide with fsseis fuels as the oil and the coal. These fuels are made of the decomposition of organisms and can take millions of years in being servant, the human beings had abused the available resources as much that many of fsseis fuels are if depleting. Some specialists suggest that the fsseis fuel reserves go to start to run to the way it century 21, and that it is probable that they disappear completely in few centuries. With the end to keep the unbroken society, science must dedicate to its forces and potentials in discovering the way to create energy that does not come from fsseis fuels. Since the solar energy is a renewable resource, it is a vital area of scientific research and the development in this beginning of century 21, being this a hypothesis of the very interesting research for monographs and research. Some suggest that the construction of an enormous plant of fotovoltaica solar energy in a sunny desert could generate enough energy for everybody, despite this brings some problems. While one plants either the enough great one without a doubt could generate sufficient energy, but to carry it for everybody is a complicated subject well more. The energy of the sun can vary of one day for another one. By itself, the fotovoltaica solar energy cannot be capable to decide the energy problems of the world, but in combination with other power plants you renewed as the aeolian solar energy, the biocombustveis of seaweed, the hidroeletricidade and the geothermal energy, the days of a world without finesses fuels will come very early.


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