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May 14th, 2013

The attraction of capital of companies in other countries is very important in Mexico. You have many ideas regarding the progress that might have with respect to the use of nanotechnology. One of the best-known is the University project of environmental nanotechnology (tip), which is based on solving the problem of contamination of the environment by using catalysts and nanocatalysts, so that thereby two basic resources for the man cleaning is carried out: the air and water. The tip program aims to improve the quality of life, reducing the pollution generated by the vehicles; In addition to more suitable air indoors as offices or public transport. Different institutions carry out discoveries, research and development of nanotechnology, and one of the areas in which you want to implement this science is in medicine.

At the branch medical will want to implement for the easy implementation of medication in places inaccessible to man, in order to not attack other organs and cause further damage. Another point which requires this type of technology is for the exploration of the body for your better understanding. An example of this, is the idea that different nanostructures for the exploration of the human system, are used to make this different diseases are detected in time as it is cancer. The IMP with collaboration of Pemex, are looking for a very challenging project, since through the implementation of nanotechnology, they will discover new uses that can be given to petroleum derivatives, in order to find new sources of energy. They exist several projects carried out both academic institutions such as companies, with the sole purpose of seeking a better development in the quality of life of Mexican society. However, the idea that a society can have with respect to the concept of nanotechnology is very different, all depending on the depth that each Member has on the subject.


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