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Intros Flash

May 12th, 2013

Your website menu unfolds or displayed using fluid animations and dynamic (Flash)? We continue with the previous responses, a search engine can not navigate animations. And the use of animations in Flash has been poorly used in 3 main aspects: Intros, website completely in Flash and Flash navigation menus. These first 3 questions are answered in the same basis, because the problem is the same. The address of your web page in the browser never changes regardless of section accessed? This tells us one of two things, or your page is developed in Flash and we have not noticed or is developed using Frames, in both cases the problem is just as serious and inefficient. Although using Frames his page if it can be indexed in search engines, many technical problems arise from this technique, one of them is poor indexing of your site and the correct display to your users. A common example is to find pages on search engines where we see the content, but we do not see a menu for any place and therefore you can not navigate the rest of the site.

Conclusion these are aspects that we can easily identify in our web site and detect problems of optimization or misuse of technology as users. We all know that the animations are attractive and others. Should however be used solely and exclusively for what they are…to make animations, it is not a method or tool to develop sites. First, we must uphold the principles of optimal development and then integrate other innovative or attractive items that do not interfere with the web site. We must not prepend attractive about the efficient and correct because we are also sacrificing results, and the results on a web site is what matters most. We hope that this information will prove helpful to the success of your Internet presence. If you want more information or hire any of these services, please contact with us.


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