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OPS Technology

January 16th, 2016

Innovative wireless alarm system for the car against theft and more Mainaschaff. Burglary! This offence is full-throttle car trade, car rental companies or forwarding agents: here more and more vehicles are damaged, broken, stolen, it meets average car as well as treasures from the paint and chrome. Trucks move equally in the sight of criminals such as vintage. A truly mobile security against burglary & co. But that may be changing: OPS SECURITY presents his SYSTEM 5007X for the first time a radio alarm for the car before, which overcomes the disadvantages of existing safety technology such as burglary is a practical handle crimes the auto trade.

Car trade, car hire and freight forwarders into the Terminal, makes Rolf Hartlieb a company that specializes in innovative safety technology significantly, holder of OPS-SECURITY. The expert for wireless alarm systems for the car knows the needs of car trading & co: the expectations of customers in the auto trade are enormous: you naturally assume that they have access to the sales and exhibition vehicles at any time. After hours, weekends or on public holidays. Thus, the risk of massive, costly damage get for companies such as burglary. Accordingly, the problem would apply also car rental companies or freight forwarders.

A practical wireless alarm system for the car? So far absent! On the question after security technology about radio, addressed alarm systems for the car, Rolf Hartlieb stressed that there was no practical solutions in any case so far: traditional alarm systems for the car are rigidly connected to the avionics of the respective vehicle. From the outside they can be easily manipulated in a break-in. As a result, so Rolf Hartlieb, conventional safety technology brake from mobility and security in daily practice of auto trade. Of course you could encounter the intrusion by other means in auto trade, freight forwarders etc.

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