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Michelin Energy Saver

April 15th, 2016

They also look great as in the wet and dry track, differing good balance of all characteristics. The next group of models summer tires received at the ADAC tests slightly lower ratings because of certain shortcomings and, consequently, fall into the category of "recommended". It tires Michelin Energy Saver, which designed primarily to increase the range and characteristics of fuel economy. As shown by the tests, tires Michelin Energy Saver can really show off the best wear resistance among all involved in the testing of models, as well as a very good performance in fuel economy. However, along with two different Barum Brillantis parameters of the tires on dry surfaces, the experts noted the ADAC poor performance in the wet route, which reduced the final grade. Tires Bridgestone Turanza ER300 Ecopia, in turn, have shown good results on a dry surface, but the relatively high fuel consumption parameters. The advantages of summer tires ESA-Tecar Spirit three experts ADAC carried a great job in the wet and low noise level, and as deficiencies were identified at relatively low rates of dry track and not the best wear resistance.

New tires summer 2010 Asymmetric tires Barum Brillantis 2 showed during the tests performed excellent fuel economy and good wear resistance, however, identified some shortcomings in the bus on a wet surface. Model Semperit Comfort-Life with a spectacular tread, according to experts ADAC, has good performance and fuel economy at the same time low enough with the results of a dry track. Designed specifically for the "family" car year-old Firestone TZ300a tire Firestone TZ300a oriented, according to its creators, for that category of consumers who appreciate, above all, comfort and stability of motion.

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