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Dubbing Films

December 23rd, 2016
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1. Tinted car windows protect the interior from auto burnout. The main cause of skin burn, leather and wooden parts of the interior is ultra-violet radiation. Dubbing the film is pasted on the glass cutting off up to 98% of UV radiation, it reduces the burning cabin and protects the instrument panel and other interior parts from overheating and burning color, which prevents premature aging and deterioration of your salon car. 2. Tinted glass enhances the safety car driver and passengers. Side and rear windows of modern cars are made of tempered glass.

In case of accident or damage to such glass shatters into hundreds of small sharp pieces that could injure the driver and passengers and deliver a host of other troubles. In the tinted car in an accident damaged glass is kept dubbing the film, which gives him crumble into pieces inside the vehicle, which certainly increases the safety of your vehicle. In addition, toned glass reduces eye strain caused by the sun, snow or lights oncoming cars, it makes control of the car more comfortable, enjoyable and safe. 3. Tinted car contributes to the comfort and economy. Professional car tinting film to reflect up to 60% solar heat, which reduces air conditioning costs in summer, and, consequently, fuel consumption in winter due to improved thermal insulation properties of tinted glass to heat the passenger compartment is required much less energy.

4. Tinted glass enhances the appearance and emphasizes the individuality of cars. One can not disagree with the fact that professionally toned car looks much more stylish and expensive advantageous than a car with ordinary glasses. 5. Tinted car protects your privacy. Tinted car windows, while maintaining a good view from the inside, creating the effect of one-way visibility, allowing you to see not interior from the outside. Protection from prying prying eyes will provide you comfort and peace of mind.

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December 16th, 2016
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– How much does a windshield on the Ford Focus? – "Original" – 10 000 rubles. Visit Ray Kurzweil for more clarity on the issue. "Neoriginal" – 2000 rubles. – Hmmm … What's the difference? This dialogue I heard on one of the car market in Moscow … The answer to the question "What's the difference?" Depends on the vendor, who says something that there is no difference, someone that the "original" is better.

To the question "What is better?" Objective response, I have not heard, only the common phrases and emotions … I have not found an answer as well on the Internet, despite the large number of articles in which all reduced to the "horror stories" without reinforcement by the facts. This is understandable, articles were written for only one purpose – improving ranking in search engines, not more … On the forums people write funny things in general … And all because of the fact that nobody bothered to detail to clarify this issue … In this article I will talk about his search for truth in the case of auto-glass SLGLASS, produced in Bor, region … What is the "original" windshield? Before comparing the auto-glass, let's understand the concept of "original Automotive." Under the "original" is usually understood to autoglass, which was installed on the vehicle at the factory. Not one car plant itself does not produce auto-glass – he buys them from contractors. Since the glass acquires the status of the "original" for a particular car brand, at the same time would be "neoriginalom" for other brands of cars.

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Michelin Energy Saver

April 15th, 2016
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They also look great as in the wet and dry track, differing good balance of all characteristics. The next group of models summer tires received at the ADAC tests slightly lower ratings because of certain shortcomings and, consequently, fall into the category of "recommended". It tires Michelin Energy Saver, which designed primarily to increase the range and characteristics of fuel economy. As shown by the tests, tires Michelin Energy Saver can really show off the best wear resistance among all involved in the testing of models, as well as a very good performance in fuel economy. However, along with two different Barum Brillantis parameters of the tires on dry surfaces, the experts noted the ADAC poor performance in the wet route, which reduced the final grade. Tires Bridgestone Turanza ER300 Ecopia, in turn, have shown good results on a dry surface, but the relatively high fuel consumption parameters. The advantages of summer tires ESA-Tecar Spirit three experts ADAC carried a great job in the wet and low noise level, and as deficiencies were identified at relatively low rates of dry track and not the best wear resistance.

New tires summer 2010 Asymmetric tires Barum Brillantis 2 showed during the tests performed excellent fuel economy and good wear resistance, however, identified some shortcomings in the bus on a wet surface. Model Semperit Comfort-Life with a spectacular tread, according to experts ADAC, has good performance and fuel economy at the same time low enough with the results of a dry track. Designed specifically for the "family" car year-old Firestone TZ300a tire Firestone TZ300a oriented, according to its creators, for that category of consumers who appreciate, above all, comfort and stability of motion.

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Hyundai Solaris

April 4th, 2016
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So, for the first time that Hyundai was seen in August 2010 at the Moscow Motor Show. Sedan shark wearing the colors on the stand of Korean company under the enigmatic title, and RB already said that the serial sample from the outside would be "very looks like. " In fact, assembled in St. Petersburg sedan outside just a copy of RB. Those beautiful contours, larger headlights, foglights with a daring zigzag. In general, a car with a twist.

Hyundai Solaris: engines are, there is no price Hyundai Solaris: engines are, there is no price But even before the first "nekontsept" appeared on the eyes of the public, revealed a plot with the name of news. More than 27 000 people from more than 30 000, which asked Hyundai, voted for Solaris. Kolesa.Ru also learned that another name has been discussed i25. But proprietary index of the Russian automotive audience did not like. Hyundai Solaris: engines are, there is no price on the interior of Solaris did not know anything. The first sample seen liked – and really. This is a beautiful, clear design, well to-read instrumentation, pleasant to the touch parts and materials familiar from other Hyundai – for example, Elantra and i30.

Especially I want to say about the sound insulation – scourge of many cars assembled for us. In the prototype, driven by Russian Prime Minister, she made good on a European level. No whining and annoying sawing sounds. However, here is just to make a reservation – Kolesa.Ru studied is a prototype, assembled specially for the ceremony the opening ceremony.

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Configuration Hyundai Solaris

April 3rd, 2016
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Hyundai Group opens a new era in cooperation with the Russian market. New Hyundai Solaris – the first ever brand cars produced in Russia in the new company's own factory. South Korean concern has published information about trim Hyundai Solaris, created specially for the Russian market. The company issued a press release, which added that the Russian motorists from January 2011 will be available five different equipment options new budget sedan and four optional package. Price list for Hyundai Solaris has not been disclosed. Choice of package options for the Russian market concern Hyundai offers for the first time.

It is intended to provide clients opportunity to choose the best car for your needs. The easiest option is only available with Base engine of 1.4 liters and 107 hp (79 kW) and with manual transmission. The car will be equipped with this version of the bag driver, power steering, front power windows, air vents, drawn to the rear passengers feet, heat-tinted windows, head restraints for rear seat passengers, and many other useful options. In addition, customers can add to the list of air conditioning. In completing the Classic, Optima, Comfort buyers can make the choice between five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, the engine of 1.4 or 1.6 liters, and add to the basic set of options from four additional packages – "Safety", "Prestige", "Winter" or "Advanced." The first included two additional driver's side airbag and a front passenger front seat, as well as stability control and traction control. Package "Winter" includes heated front seats, heated zone of peace wipers, outside mirrors with electric and heated, power front and rear. The package "Advanced" features two tweeters, front fog lights, reading lamp and holder for points in the roof console, adjustable center armrest with box, outer door handles in body color exterior mirror housings in body color.

In the list of options that the package "Prestige" includes 16-inch alloy wheels, steering wheel and gearshift knob with leather shift braiding, full-size spare tire and trunk lid, trimmed with chrome. In the top assembly Hyundai Solaris will be equipped with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters capacity of 123 hp (90 kW), manual or automatic transmission to choose from and a number of other options that will make use of the car as comfortable and safe. By default, comes with six airbags Family security, electronic stabilization system, climate control, turning repeaters in buildings outside mirrors, a system of access to the interior without a key, 16-inch wheels, the ability to connect your phone to audio system using Bluetooth, a full-size spare wheel and other options for interior and exterior. Stylish design, wide choice of variants and options, focus on the needs of the local market and high levels of Safety is a basic version of Solaris will help to make a splash on the Russian car market and become the most attractive offer in the segment of the C-Class sedans. While the base price for the novelty will be 350 thousand, a top version will cost almost 2 times more expensive – from 600 rubles. Solaris will be the main competitors Volkswagen Polo Sedan (this car has also been developed for emerging markets, it began assembling at Volkswagen plant in Kaluga in June this year) and the Renault Logan. Also soon arrive interesting model VW Jetta, 2011, which may be part of potential buyers interested in Solaris.

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Solaris Hyundai

March 15th, 2016
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A new South Korean car Hyundai Solaris already written enough. The car will be assembled at a purpose-built for this purpose plant near St. Petersburg. Currently the plant operates in a training assembly. The assembly will begin in January 2011, and soon cars will be on sale. Model Hyundai Solaris-known South Korean automaker released many qualities of a mass of cars easy to drive, extremely economical, maneuverable, comfortable, easy to use. Ergonomically designed in the spirit of Solaris Hyundai time. Spacious interior with functional low external noise, making clear the dashboard interior cozy and inviting.

Due to its efficiency and agility – the car Hyundai Solaris wins in the modern urban mode, with dynamic motors and ergonomic interior. Approached the time to estimate the information – what will be a demand for a new car, how many would be willing to buy it? The four-door Volkswagen Polo – hit of the season this fall on the spaces of our country: Sedan prestigious brand at an affordable price. Not surprisingly, there turn by Polo-Sedan. Meanwhile, the Renault Logan, Kia Rio is almost no queues. At the same classmates Logan and at a price affordable Rio Polo, and Ford Focus, though more expensive, but higher class. Another approach to the new VW Jetta 2011. Who the competitors prepared to resist the ambitious Hyundai Solaris? Draw little comparative analysis of the characteristics of the model Hyundai Solaris to future opponents. The speed of data are as follows: The maximum rate of South Korean sedan assembled in Russia will amount to 190 and 175 km / h with the engine 1.4 (with manual transmission and automatic transmission), and a more powerful 1.6-liter engine – 190 and 180 km / h, respectively.

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Car Sharing Experiences

November 29th, 2015
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I am often asked about the resource of a particular model car. How many kilometers it be enough? How many years? Questions are clear and quite natural, but alas. I confess to you on the big secret: clear answers, written in operation manuals or technical documents, they are not. Of course, designing a car, the engineers lay in a certain stock of strength and durability, then check them out on static Dynamic and endurance tests, but no information about that "car brand and model X-Y is designed for 300 000 km or 6 years (for example)," neither you nor I can not find. Why? Because all the people all the drivers – so different! We have different we go on different roads, different routes, with varying loading compartment and trunk, with different speeds. Who will buy a new car, and it ugrohaet 100 000 km and three years. And as for someone to write in a journal such as "this car belongs to Mr.

Somebody twenty years, odometer exceeded one million kilometers, but Somebody is not going to get rid of him. Why? After the machine is still intact, perform their functions, and pleases the owner … ". AND in order to understand how to extend the life of the car, just need to follow the train of thought the team of designers, engineers and testers. Then everything will become clear, and this we now turn. 1. Road car – a car not for racing outside whichever, VW Golf you do, Nissan Qashqai or , or any other, with everything from engine – all road vehicles intended for public roads, to traffic speeds in the modes provided by the rules traffic.


New Hyundai Solaris

March 18th, 2014
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The new model Hyundai Solaris was presented at the Moscow Motor Show in August 2010 as a concept car. Hyundai Solaris will be assembled at a new plant Hyundai Motor Company in St. Petersburg, which officially opened on September 21. The assembly is carried out on the full production cycle, with welding and forging, and by 2012 the Koreans hope to collect 150 thousand cars per year. According to statements made by Hyundai, the new model will be offered in two types of body: sedan and five-door hatchback.

Will be equipped with well-known series of motors Kia Gamma of 1.4 and 1.6 liter with continuous change in timing capacity of 109 hp (80kW) and 122 hp (90 kW), respectively. The engine of 1.4 liters will be used to 5-speed manual or 4-band "automatic" for the 1.6-liter unit is available only to "automatic". The South Korean unit to the base version with a manual spends about 5.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers (with 'gun' – 6.4 liters), and top-end – about six liters (with 'gun' 6.5 liters). Moreover, for any given cycle, these figures do not specify a Hyundai. Hyundai Solaris looks very decent.

Appearance Hyundai Solaris and different dynamic appealing elements, which were reflected in the front headlamps, nowhere else used L-shaped fog lamps and visually heavy grille. The appearance is complemented by continuous relief lines which are located above the front fog lamps and end at the rear combination lamps. To meet the safety requirements Hyundai Solaris has energy-absorbing body, which includes part of the high-strength steel. Also, the model can be used with the stabilization system ESP c ABS, climate control and audio system and can be equipped with six airbags. The basic package will include models of Hyundai Solaris rear glass, a big four-liter tank for washer fluid, as well as high-capacity battery (60 A / h). As options are available heating zone the rest of brushes 'caretakers', the front seats and outside mirrors. Size of the following: the length – 4370 mm, height – 1450 mm. According to the results held for some time by engineers and marketers Hyundai Research Programme in the Russian automotive market Hyundai Solaris offers many special options, explained by local weather and road conditions. There is a current emergency brake light, which flashes during emergency braking to reduce the likelihood of a rear impact. Release of the new sedan will begin in St. Petersburg at the beginning of next year, and in March, the car goes on sale. After about six months and will hatchback Hyundai Solaris. Materials from the site and Automotive News World Ukraine

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February 18th, 2013
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Let's start by explaining what the A-GPS and how it differs from GPS. Most cell phones do not have enough good receivers who would be able to ensure reliable reception of signals in a room or between skyscrapers. It is here that comes to the assistance conditional so-called A-GPS, which in most other cell phones is simply called GPS. A-GPS (born Assisted GPS) system that speeds up the coordinates of a GPS-receiver the biggest problem for GPS receiver is the so-called "cold start". It was at this moment is search for satellites. Depending on external factors, the process may be delayed start, which not only causes discomfort, but also leads to increased energy consumption. A-GPS technology helps to cope not only with this problem, but few make life easier for GPS receiver.

With the iPhone, this means that the current position will be determined by GPS, Wi-Fi stations and mobile operators (artisans from Apple have managed to use all of this, only 2 antenna, which are located in unexpected places – a ring around the camera, audio-jack, metallic bezel around the screen, etc. All of these will handle data staging server. Therein lies the advantage of A-GPS to GPS: first is much faster, and the second "slow" during the "cold start" when looking for satellites. With a typical GPS receiver for positioning you need several strong signals and a certain amount of time to get the coordinates. With A-GPS support server itself tells your phone where the satellites of the near, the shortening the time to look. In addition, this approach saves more battery. Unlike many other phones, A-GPS in the iPhone will work without network connectivity, allowing you to use it in nature, and indeed anywhere in the world, where the satellite signal is caught (but do not forget that you will need Google Maps, it will load up in advance).

At the moment it is not known how fast the A-GPS will put the battery: iPhone will automatically turn itself on and off as needed positioning system that will keep the charge. Assumes that the active work of its (constant trekig position, etc.) it will consume all the same quite a lot. Realizing what a good after all GPS will be in the iPhone, we move on to the fun – to navigate. That's where Apple, as always in his repertoire. Current version of the SDK prohibits its use for navigation in real time (Real-Time Route Guidance). But it is not so bad, giant TomTom GPS industry announced that they are already working on a navigator for the iPhone. Apparently, large companies have to somehow get permission to use the SDK on an individual basis. Thus, we are waiting for additional spending to make the iPhone an acceptable use for navigation. But we, apparently, is no stranger :-).

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Bluetooth Xenon

March 26th, 2012
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GSM car alarm can Upavlyat even from another city. Set gsm car alarm system is required if you parkuete your car away from home and car alarm systems are not common catches. In GSM GPS car alarm monitoring function is added. After sending SMSku can check location of the car. Obkleyka body wrap. The latest installation in the service centers, first and foremost designed to protect the car body. After obkleyki car body, you will be terrible Minor chips and the car will look new. Protective film for obkleyki body are of different thickness and different colors, the most fashionable film is matte film, glossy film and film under carbon.

Glue film can be different parts of the car body such as: glue the roof, hood and trunk or hood of glue and thresholds. There are motorists who paste the entire car. Price obkleyki one part of the 5000r. And the price obkleyki the entire vehicle from 60000r. Setting the standard car radio with navigation. If you are tired of full-time radio or you want more of the standard car radio for example to connect a subwoofer, connect the USB flash drive, or simply need navigation want to tape-recorder with a DVD and the screen, you can replace a full-time on the tape recorder tape recorder with DVD, Bluetooth and navigation. Installation of xenon and biksenona. What is important on the road in the dark? Main visibility, the installation of xenon visibility doubled, thus increasing your security and reduces the load on the eye.

You can install the xenon in the near and distant light, perhaps to install xenon fog lights. Some installation installation of xenon practice centers in reverse. When deaf tinting rear windows, installation of xenon in the reverse gear is very helpful. Installing parking sensors. Parking radar long enjoyed Popular files and very helpful in Parking, especially in narrow backyards or in the dark. Manufacturers parktronikov also marched in step with the times and produce a new, modern parktronics that show any obstacles at a distance of two meters. Parking sensors can be 2 now rarely used, 4 rear parking sensors driving the most, 6 are the four rear sensors and 2 front, park distance control with 8 sensors is when the rear and front bumper set of 4 sensors. Now Available parking sensors with rear view camera, which shows the distance on a separate monitor, but if you use full-time radio is on its screen when you turn on the back of the transfer. Tinted car window film Infiniti (Infiniti) or film with a transition (gradient tint). This is a new fashion film dubbing with mirror effect. Toning with the transition can be of different colors (also called silver tint, blue tint, red tint, green tint), suitable for tinting This car almost any color. Tinted film infinity is more suitable for cars or silvery gray. If you want to change the look of your car, then toning car these films the right decision.

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