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Industrial Safety

May 21st, 2016

In addressing the environmental problems of security is extremely important component of such as industrial safety. An important factor in industrial safety is the construction and implementation of effective stimulate practical action to prevent emergencies. Currently being implemented range of case studies aimed at developing procedures evaluation of the level of industrial safety, taking into account the interrelated factors of cost and reliability, the construction of individual elements and overall state of economic disaster. At the regional and the object level are the support system of industrial safety, which include economic models, methods and tools to ensure the vitality and industrial safe operation of complex technical systems. Among the most common in relation to the activities of enterprises in industrial safety should include such economic instruments as: – payment for risk, allocation risk – the redistribution risk – incentives to reduce the risk – a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic impact of risk management. Economic mechanisms of industrial safety of the federal and territorial levels of government, used to solve the problems of population and territories from emergency situations, provide for planning, regulation and funding for security objects and territories. Effective form State regulation of industrial safety are the contract and license to use, construction, alteration of potentially dangerous objects, which lies between the investor or user object and executive bodies of the Russian Federation. Prominent role in solving the problems of regulation of industrial safety is an existing system in the country state of emergency insurance funds, combining federal emergency insurance fund, insurance fund of the Russian Federation, local self-government..


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