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Ecological Safety In Construction: Building The Future

July 14th, 2016
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Environmental security has become one of the latest trends in construction as the residential and industrial, office and commercial buildings. Of course, it did not become a mass movement – the technology by which ensures environmental safety is poorly developed and insufficiently effective. But work in this direction are ongoing, but it's a good sign – it is quite possible that soon the environmental safety in construction will not exotic, but the norm. At present, it is clear what requirements must meet the house during construction is to comply with environmental safety. This building is minimally violates ecosystem, very sparingly uses electricity from non-renewable sources, as well as other natural resources.

Environmental security implies a reduction in emissions of pollutants into the environment, and minimize waste of all types. Finally, environmental safety during construction provides the comfort of the man himself, his health. This means that the premises must always be fresh air, good lighting, There should be no germs of various diseases. At this stage, full environmental safety in buildings is unattainable, but some aspects are already well developed and gradually introduced into practice. In order to start building homes that meet the requirements of environmental safety, it is necessary to look at the construction of a new, or rather, remember the well-forgotten old, backed by its high technologies.

Ecological safety in construction – a concept based on the principle of natural conditions to create a comfortable environment. Compare: today's houses are designed so as to protect a person from the wind, the heat and cold, rain and snow. In order to maintain indoor comfort, you need constantly to use any devices that spend energy and other resources. Environmental safety calls to benefit from all natural phenomena. Thus, the roof of the house not only protects from the sun – located on its solar panels can partially satisfy the need for electricity. With proper planning of buildings and the correct choice of the construction site does not need air conditioning – ventilation is provided in a natural way. If you collect dozens of these solutions together, we get the house future – a convenient and environmentally safe.


Industrial Safety

May 21st, 2016
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In addressing the environmental problems of security is extremely important component of such as industrial safety. An important factor in industrial safety is the construction and implementation of effective stimulate practical action to prevent emergencies. Currently being implemented range of case studies aimed at developing procedures evaluation of the level of industrial safety, taking into account the interrelated factors of cost and reliability, the construction of individual elements and overall state of economic disaster. At the regional and the object level are the support system of industrial safety, which include economic models, methods and tools to ensure the vitality and industrial safe operation of complex technical systems. Among the most common in relation to the activities of enterprises in industrial safety should include such economic instruments as: – payment for risk, allocation risk – the redistribution risk – incentives to reduce the risk – a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic impact of risk management. Economic mechanisms of industrial safety of the federal and territorial levels of government, used to solve the problems of population and territories from emergency situations, provide for planning, regulation and funding for security objects and territories. Effective form State regulation of industrial safety are the contract and license to use, construction, alteration of potentially dangerous objects, which lies between the investor or user object and executive bodies of the Russian Federation. Prominent role in solving the problems of regulation of industrial safety is an existing system in the country state of emergency insurance funds, combining federal emergency insurance fund, insurance fund of the Russian Federation, local self-government..


The Fluctuations

November 11th, 2012
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If the constraints can be ignored, the developer has the right to choose an energy source for a home appliance, according to their own preferences or specific areas (Presence-absence of the main gas, the cost of fuel and electricity). However, to reinvent the wheel is not worth it. It is best to contact a qualified organization. There, the developer will offer proven model solutions. Formulations like 'I want to automatic garage doors, the light that lights up by itself when it gets dark, etc.' enough to designers find the right solution. In addition, they will take into account the selection capacity and help to optimize the structure of electrical appliances. require A common problem of domestic electricity – the instability of parameters.

Indeed, the tension that differs from the nominal value by 10-15% (for a long time and, as a rule, the smaller side), not an event, even for city dwellers. In rural areas, where being in a poor state electrical network serviced less regularly and promptly, the fluctuations voltage is even more sensitive. At the peak of consumption (weekends and public holidays), some devices use impossible. However, the effectiveness of others also significantly reduced. By the way, the intensive operation of the power at reduced voltage can damage it.

On the other hand, some appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers) do not work in such conditions. A in excess of 'rules' they burn out, and regardless of whether operated at the time of the accident or not. The above problems are solved by installing uninterruptible power supplies, and stabilizers.


Environmental Safety

July 23rd, 2012
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Environmental security – the notion of a complex that includes many different aspects. Can be regarded as a nationwide environmental safety issue, the matter of national importance, and this approach is correct. But equally important is the environmental safety of each company, operating in the country. That is why in Russia are increasingly adopting environmental management standards that have been introduced international standard iso 14001. The most important feature of this standard is its voluntary – no one commits the company to evaluate the ecological safety and ways to manage it on this system. Yet many companies are realizing the need for competent environmental management and attracting professionals who can lead the organization's work in conformity with the norms of the standard. Of course, in European countries such a way ensure environmental safety at the plant was more widespread. It is believed that the certification of environmental management systems of iso is carried out there with the same frequency as the certification of qms (Quality management systems).

In Russia, environmental control systems are being introduced while significantly less common. To understand the benefits of standards, iso, you need to know that the certification process is estimated not fixed result at the moment (the amount of emissions, methods to reduce pollution, etc.), and the entire management system. In other words, the iso certificate confirms that the company has an effective scheme for ensuring environmental security, regularly monitors the environment, quickly react to any changes in both external conditions and the characteristics of the production. Only this approach can be considered modern. Environmental security is too unstable and dependent on a huge number of different factors, so a simple estimate of the company at a particular point can not guarantee that tomorrow is the same production does not cause significant damage to nature and to human health. The dynamism of the modern world, the highest rate of technology development and the deplorable state of the environment – all this makes the provision of environmental security of one of the most difficult, but at the same time, and most important tasks of any business.


Safe Production

July 13th, 2012
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Currently, many enterprises in our country established production lines of the old model, equipment morally and often physically obsolete, which often speaks not only ineffective activities production, but also the increased risks to the staff. Recently, more and more frequently in the media there are reports of tragedies in the workplace, injuries and worker fatalities. All this suggests that management companies should more closely relate to safety issues in the workplace and at job sites. Unfortunately, many managers often think of the savings to increase profit, and about safety is referred to in the last turn. This is fundamentally wrong, modern production facility to be safe, in the western world, this criterion is one of the most important in determining efficiency and quality of production. Just be to calculate how much the company would lose if a stop line because of its failure, it could be a serious blow to the economic security organization as a whole, it is better to invest in the stability and security and be confident in the future..


Smart Homes

February 10th, 2011
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And with the smart home, you have the whole system is displayed on a small panel, the quality of this panel depends on your wishes. You can order your expensive touch-screen or cheaper monitor, you may choose it themselves, and of course, a couple of years, if you get tired of it, you can replace it as a tv, nothing in this case, not having lost in the system of smart home. And now for the price, of course, immediately suggests the idea that, yes certainly an intelligent building system more efficient, but it and the money is worth ten times more expensive than just lay a warm floor and led the panel. And here we start to think logically – we are manufacturers of equipment for smart home, we all support systems house (ventilation, lighting, video surveillance, alarm system, heating, sewage) reduces in one intelligent system with artificial intelligence that controls everything every second. And if you buy a warm floor, then install the host intelligent video surveillance system or intelligent (can not even intelligent) lighting, ventilation, and so on, it will everything is much more expensive. Why? Because we have one controller controls the entire system. Our controller – this is our development, the Russian innovative technology that was developed over 7 years, which has proved themselves in the work at high loads (the defense industry, railway transport, metro cars – everywhere today is our frequency converter or voltage regulator is peaceful.

We called him from the word – 'The world'. High-quality smart home – it's not advertised brand, the brand does not control life support system at home. High-quality smart home – it's flexible, customizable management system. That control system, because only we come to the installation of equipment as a smart home control system. And our smart house is not called smart home and intelligent building, with artificial intelligence, what does writing fiction in books, now available in the company of House Clover. And who will give you a 5-year hardware warranty smart home? No one runs the risk of giving such a long warranty on their equipment, only the automotive industry, but there comes a marketing campaign, because today, five years to ride in one car is no longer convenient. If you want to install in its place a warm floor and forget about it, the best solution – a system for controlling a smart home company Clover House. The choice is yours, for us, until you think word of mouth works, our customers recommend us to their friends, but, alas, has recently become a luxury.