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HERTZ South Africa – Rip Off The Cape

March 14th, 2016

Eyes on at the conclusion of rental contracts that South Africans are proud of their country! Right! The above-average growing visitor numbers speak a clear language. From Germany alone people come each year to the most beautiful end of the world”about a quarter of a million. Most of them just book a car with. This increases the flexibility and the value of experience. It is paid by credit card. However, great caution is required: the money of holidaymakers is universally sought after! In particular HERTZ has proved last creative in developing additional sources of money as remarkable.

For South Africa the car rental contracts are quietly expanded to gross passages. The in-House collection Department takes care of the rest. So mysterious charges from the credit card account can tarnish months after returning to everyday domestic significantly the memory of unforgettable holidays. HERTZ swell’s, the politics of the country shrugs his shoulders and the holidaymakers sitting thousands of kilometers away at home and feels is bruised. It is, as it should be: after a long flight, a warm, radiant Sun receives the Comer, (as pre-booked) car hire is available and the formalities to be done quickly. Caring attempts to advertise additional insurance, are successfully fought off, the details of the credit card for the security deposit or so stated in the contract and you’re ready to go. The cost trap snaps so at HERTZ. With his signature of vacationers authorised the company is irrevocably and without a time limit to make withdrawals from your credit card account, if addressed by a third party requests to the driver of the rental car to the company.

For the answer to this question, HERTZ rises naturally without comment and in each case – a fee that is currently just under 20,–and increases each year by around 20%. The reason of the request remains mostly in the dark. Also, the credit card company can help only with a time consuming demand. HERTZ South Africa is at most Information, when the tourists remains stubbornly, about emailing, the ball. Usually it involves questions of transport authorities, who would like to collect toll issued warnings or fines related to traffic violations. Also (by the driver of the rental car to which) defects in the vehicle, such as defective light or a broken mirror, can trigger a such fee request. Fees costs even friendly efforts to return the forgotten sunglasses in this way about a restaurant. A rogue who senses injustice and subordinated E.g. bogus requests or other air numbers… but it’s possible and the money is debited once and away! Transport authorities adjust their procedures generally after three months because the effort seems too big to them. But even if the former vacationers from native distance against the ominous nodules to court would entail and would get right, E.g. because he is not is driven, because the lightning system has not properly, the different height of the warning for same violation (!) is incomprehensible or a lifesaving trip to the hospital justified a higher speed, collects and retains the fee debited HERTZ. If this is not a money ass. HERTZ not answers questions

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