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Global Health Management

July 16th, 2012

This is the moment when a new concept of health and its relationship to quality of life of people, which would be reflected in a more comprehensive cures nursing. Throughout the decade of the 80s begins to establish nursing as a discipline within the medical world and the different professionals working in the development of a body of specific knowledge, providing a new framework for defining the responsibility of the nurses in the health care of the population. From these years, nursing education, which until now had been eminently practical, gives a substantial shift in its curriculum to raise an equivalent weight in the distribution of theory and clinical practice. Thus, qualified nurses should be trained to provide comprehensive treatments to people in any health situation and using a specific methodology. Even so, they must be competent to carry out management activities, teaching and research in the discipline. Moreover, the important scientific and technological development that occurs in these years resulting in a greater complexity of health care of individuals and groups and professionals is necessary to have more and better qualified. You begin to implement programs of specialization in different areas of health. This woman step evolution to a change in the areas of training and teaching units in nursing specialties, such as midwives, Mental Health, Pediatric, Geriatric, Community and Special Diet.

Thus, the International Council of Nursing believes that the cures general nurse, is able to: Work within the general scope of nursing practice, inclusive health promotion, disease prevention, and cures integral to the sick or disabled people of all ages and in all situations, and sociosanitries health institutions and other community settings. Providing health education. Participate fully as a member of the team integrating health. Supervise and train their own professional and auxiliary health personnel, and initiate develop and participate in programs and research projects. In short, nurses must be experts at providing priests to meet the health needs of individuals, families and social groups at different life stages and situations arising from health problems, identifying their skills and establishing ways to help offset their limitations, to guide, support, teach and promote an environment favorable to their development. In today’s society and in order to respond to the current complexity of health services that increasingly require nurses who are competent to handle complex information using new technologies, evaluate interventions and help cure patients in different health situations globally.


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