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Moscow Research Institute

July 18th, 2012

December 5, 2008 at the Moscow Research Institute of Socionics starts next two-year course. According to organizers, the students receive scientifically proven complex socionic knowledge and be able to apply them in professional activity. Education is designed for managers at different levels and experts in the field of personnel management, teachers, psychologists. The organizers believe that the course will also be useful to those people who want to choose a profession to their liking build a career, to harmonize business and family relationships. Program is the first year consists of six modules, the second – of the three.

The module includes 64 academic hours. As part of the course, students learn not only socionic, but psychological methods for determining personality types. 75 percent of training time will be devoted to practical work: socionical diagnosis and methods of its application. To this end, students will present photos, video, audio, and the ability to diagnose the invited people. Participants of the training will be trained in the conduct of socionic interviews will learn technology focus of attention, mental attitude and active listening.

In the first year of study, students receive a bachelor's degree, and after the second will qualify for a Master of Socionics and able to work professional diagnostician and consultant. "The goal of our program is to educate socionists professionals, capable of not only the most accurately identify the type of personality, but also help them apply their knowledge into practice "- the general director of the Institute of Socionics Ph.D. Tatiana Prokofiev. Information about Institute of Socionics: Research Institute of Socionics registered in Moscow in 2007 Prior to this there as the Moscow School of Socionics for 12 years. The objectives of the institute are: research into the structure of the psyche, human relations and group processes, education in the field of Socionics in conjunction with classical psychology and related personality typology; advisory services to corporate and individual clients.


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