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Energy Conservation

February 15th, 2016

It's no secret that in recent issues of energy efficiency and conservation are being actively discussed on all levels of government. Energy efficiency and conservation are five strategic directions priority of technological development. To date, active work is underway to improve energy efficiency in industry, utilities and other industries throughout the country. As part of the energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency by 2020 the state had planned a large-scale financial support. Choosing energy-efficient pumps for industrial and utilities plays a crucial role in implementing energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency.

Today in Russia there are many companies that offer pump equipment. One such company is the German industrial group WILO SE. Studies show that the price the buyer pays for the equipment at the time of purchase is relatively small percentage of the actual total amount it will actually have to pay over the life of the pumps. For drinking water, this percentage amounts to an average of 5%. The costs of dismantling equipment is only 1% of the total cost of ownership, while as the cost of repairs – 10%, while costs for electricity consumption to 84%. According to the installation of energy efficient WILO SE pump systems will enterprises to reduce up to 60% in energy costs. To date, many industrial enterprises and municipal services in Russia has been received huge economic effect, due to assigned to them a modern pumping equipment. Alexander Rassomahin Acting Director of "Branch State Unitary Enterprise of the Stavropol Territory" STAVROPOLKRAYVODOKANAL "-" Kavminvodskie sewage treatment plant "" In March 2010, on our predpriyatiibyl installed pump WILO-EMUFA.

Monthly energy savings of 135 MW (378 000 rub.). Within a short period of operation of the pump and its start-up apparatus shown high reliability. During operation, not registered a single failure in the unit. " Information about the German concern WILO SE: The German company WILO SE is one of the leading manufacturers energy efficient pumps and pumping systems for heating, cooling and air conditioning, water supply, fire fighting, as well as removal and further treatment of wastewater. Concern was founded in 1872 in Dortmund Germany. Today, he presented 70 subsidiaries around the world. Group sales of around one billion euros per year. In 1996 he founded a subsidiary of German company WILO SE – LLC "WILO RUS". Today Open Company "WILO RUS" has 27 branches and 13 regional depots, from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

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