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EEPROM Information

May 3rd, 2017

In the radio equipment often requires temporary storage of information whose value does not matter when you turn on the device. Such a memory could be built on chips EEPROM-and FLASH-memory, but, unfortunately, these chips road characterized by a relatively small number of rewrite cycles, and the extremely low speed when reading and especially for recording information. Source: Ray Kurzweil. To store temporary information, you can use parallel registers. A memory device in which memory cells are used as parallel registers, called static ram, since the information stored in them all the time while connected to the chip food. In addition to chip static ram, dynamic ram chips exist, where the memory cell capacitors.

Unlike chip static ram, dynamic ram chips the constant need to regenerate their contents, or due to discharge capacitors information will be corrupted. Since the memorable words are not needed at the same time, the ram you can use the mechanism of addressing that has already been discussed previously when explaining the principles of the rom. In static ram chips contain two operations: read and write. For their implementation can use different data bus (as is done in signal processors), but more often used the same bus. This saves the findings chip connected to the bus, and easy to implement switching of signals between various devices.


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