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Restoration Notebook Batteries

May 8th, 2017
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Restoration of notebook batteries is carried out in several stages: dismantling the housing. As a rule, structurally body panels are made non-separable. Halves or stitched together one-piece snaps, or glued around the perimeter. Therefore, in order to carefully disassemble the battery requires knowledge of the features of its construction. Testing of battery cells. Carried out in order to ascertain how many elements to be replaced.

Change the battery cells selectively makes sense only if the malfunction is not due to aging of components, and defective one of them. Visit website understands that this is vital information. Otherwise, the inevitable consistent failure of the other elements in a short time after the restoration of the battery again will not work the battery. Selection of replacement battery cells to the parameters. One of the the most critical phases of work on which depends the result of recovery. Electrical Association of battery cells in the group requires a maximum matching of their characteristics. Failure to do so rules reduce the capacity laptop battery and its premature failure. Assembling the elements in the block.

Undertaken using a spot welding apparatus that prevents overheating of welded assemblies. Lithium batteries used in modern batteries do not suffer thermal overload and do not allow for electrical installation by soldering. Testing and recovery of electronics. All modern Li-Ion Battery have in their composition electronics unit, which performs the function of monitoring and control processes of charging and discharging elements. Typically, it runs on the microcontroller running the program, wired in its rom. In the event of a malfunction of the controller, it must be reprogrammed. Gluing the body. Performed using the clamps to ensure a uniform fit halves. Testing laptop batteries. It turns out the battery life of laptop batteries.


EEPROM Information

May 3rd, 2017
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In the radio equipment often requires temporary storage of information whose value does not matter when you turn on the device. Such a memory could be built on chips EEPROM-and FLASH-memory, but, unfortunately, these chips road characterized by a relatively small number of rewrite cycles, and the extremely low speed when reading and especially for recording information. Source: Ray Kurzweil. To store temporary information, you can use parallel registers. A memory device in which memory cells are used as parallel registers, called static ram, since the information stored in them all the time while connected to the chip food. In addition to chip static ram, dynamic ram chips exist, where the memory cell capacitors.

Unlike chip static ram, dynamic ram chips the constant need to regenerate their contents, or due to discharge capacitors information will be corrupted. Since the memorable words are not needed at the same time, the ram you can use the mechanism of addressing that has already been discussed previously when explaining the principles of the rom. In static ram chips contain two operations: read and write. For their implementation can use different data bus (as is done in signal processors), but more often used the same bus. This saves the findings chip connected to the bus, and easy to implement switching of signals between various devices.


Windows XP

February 10th, 2017
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For .- ( / ECRA) Windows XP will die in 2011, it will not be able to support the next generation of hard disks and update software. The new generation of hardware is not fully compatible with Windows XP. Mainly Hard Drives, as the new design of hardware and connectivity is more efficient, and represents a challenge for the veteran operating system, the new drives use an advanced format, we now know differently and that has managed efficiently through WindowsXP patch or service pack, but the limitation is in the concept development of Windows XP. Windows XP supports formatting hard drives formatted in blocks of 512bytes and new hard drives have 4kb formats is 8 times larger than the previous format and allow double the space used by blocks to correct errors. By the time Windows XP was scheduled did not exist in the hardware market with these characteristics, so the system was limited to use existing hardware features at the time, and was not considered a Update the file format or the use of hard drives with more features and according to experts, it is unthinkable that a new Service Pack comes to light, as the support period has ended, there has been a term if it is true, but developments do not work in Windows XP, now everything is focused on Windows 7, even the previous operating system, Windows Vista has been overshadowed by the popularity of Windows 7, and the reluctance of users to change their old functional Windows XP, mainly at the corporate level, where Banks, Pharmacies, Hotels, Car agencies, among others, they spread their different proprietary systems.


Server Virtualization

November 19th, 2012
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Server virtualization is a technique that allows you to run multiple virtual operating systems on one physical computer as if you do have a few machines. The modern tendency to widespread proliferation of virtual machines (VMs or vm in ) demonstrates our commitment to efficiency and environmental friendliness. Data centers use a lot of space and a huge amount of energy especially if you combine that with their accompanying cooling systems and infrastructure. Consolidation and the creation of virtual environments triggers a domino effect. The number of physical machines required to work as a server decreases, which reduces the amount of energy required to operate machinery and space required to accommodate them. Reduction in the number of servers and space reduces the amount of energy required for their cooling. And if you use less energy means less carbon dioxide is produced.

Let him not for Russia but for Europe it is a very important factor. From a financial point of view, virtualization is an important point of economy. This not only reduces our need to purchase additional physical servers, but also minimizes our requirements for their placement. Virtalny server also shows the reduced waiting time included in the of your problem, by reducing the period of installation, configuration and delivery of your server system. Unlike mainframes, pc hardware (a prototype of the modern server) was not originally designed for Virtualization – until recently the entire burden fell on the software. Only in the last generation model of its processors in the x86 architecture, amd and Intel first added technologies that support virtualization.

Unfortunately, both leading processor Corporation created their own technology (AMD-V and Intel vt, respectively) independently, which is why they are incompatible at the code level, although shows similar results. Thanks to the support hardware virtualization entire load on the access control of virtual servers for I / O channels and hardware resources takes processor. Hypervisor (in principle, allows simultaneous, parallel execution of several or even many operating systems on a single computer, and provides for their containment, protection and security) is exempt from performing the most demanding tasks. Virtualization on the cpu level is not happens by itself, automatically. Requires special software, which it would be implemented. However, given how significant advantages that make such technology, software Virtualization inevitably created and perfected.