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Edson Arantes

January 19th, 2017

; /I never had symptom d some type of illness mine I greet I am immense not ha nothing that I do not eat Jesus I am ' ' minha' ' redoma is it to me to protect I does not only make to rain but, to garoar I already made when I asso the nose MAKE EQUAL THAT I WANT TO SEE. ; /I made a square shaped ball That the round one did not give. ;. The CBF approved and the FIFA accepted silenced With the approved invention Skin to know wanted me and arrived at saying me::: ' ' Its inventions are brilhantes' '! I said:: Its Edson Arantes, MAKES EQUAL THAT I WANT TO SEE I eliminated the Spain and the others of World-wide the All they play None of them badly Only follow me I myself have the morning Never played pra to lose and if you to want to know, My teams you are ' ' I and goleiro' ' I am the only artilleryman MAKES EQUAL THAT I WANT TO SEE. ; /


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