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Bluetooth Xenon

March 26th, 2012

GSM car alarm can Upavlyat even from another city. Set gsm car alarm system is required if you parkuete your car away from home and car alarm systems are not common catches. In GSM GPS car alarm monitoring function is added. After sending SMSku can check location of the car. Obkleyka body wrap. The latest installation in the service centers, first and foremost designed to protect the car body. After obkleyki car body, you will be terrible Minor chips and the car will look new. Protective film for obkleyki body are of different thickness and different colors, the most fashionable film is matte film, glossy film and film under carbon.

Glue film can be different parts of the car body such as: glue the roof, hood and trunk or hood of glue and thresholds. There are motorists who paste the entire car. Price obkleyki one part of the 5000r. And the price obkleyki the entire vehicle from 60000r. Setting the standard car radio with navigation. If you are tired of full-time radio or you want more of the standard car radio for example to connect a subwoofer, connect the USB flash drive, or simply need navigation want to tape-recorder with a DVD and the screen, you can replace a full-time on the tape recorder tape recorder with DVD, Bluetooth and navigation. Installation of xenon and biksenona. What is important on the road in the dark? Main visibility, the installation of xenon visibility doubled, thus increasing your security and reduces the load on the eye.

You can install the xenon in the near and distant light, perhaps to install xenon fog lights. Some installation installation of xenon practice centers in reverse. When deaf tinting rear windows, installation of xenon in the reverse gear is very helpful. Installing parking sensors. Parking radar long enjoyed Popular files and very helpful in Parking, especially in narrow backyards or in the dark. Manufacturers parktronikov also marched in step with the times and produce a new, modern parktronics that show any obstacles at a distance of two meters. Parking sensors can be 2 now rarely used, 4 rear parking sensors driving the most, 6 are the four rear sensors and 2 front, park distance control with 8 sensors is when the rear and front bumper set of 4 sensors. Now Available parking sensors with rear view camera, which shows the distance on a separate monitor, but if you use full-time radio is on its screen when you turn on the back of the transfer. Tinted car window film Infiniti (Infiniti) or film with a transition (gradient tint). This is a new fashion film dubbing with mirror effect. Toning with the transition can be of different colors (also called silver tint, blue tint, red tint, green tint), suitable for tinting This car almost any color. Tinted film infinity is more suitable for cars or silvery gray. If you want to change the look of your car, then toning car these films the right decision.

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