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Benjamin Franklin

February 27th, 2016

The economy is a State of mind.The money does not give happiness but welfare. Money is not happiness, but the poverty much less.Happiness or sense of well-being? There is no absolute truth about the subject. An infinite number of variables and factors influencing the State of happiness and each person has their own standards and conceptions about the topic. However, the feeling of happiness is unique to each person.The ideal is to find a balance between money, family, friendships and love. These ingredients far provide a transient feeling of well-being, will bring a better quality of happy life. I invite thoughts what it is for you happiness, think about what gives happy moments, do is the same welfare as happiness?, financial tranquility gives you or give you the possibility to go favoring you more and more happy moments? I firmly believe that work in our development in a comprehensive way, encompasses all the aspects that we are discussing to modern society, but I also believe that the get financial tranquility allows us to interact more freely with our environment. We all want to pay our bills without concerns, provide quality of life to the family, in addition to vacation in a nice, quiet place, and yet can be also spiritual. Baggy income allow you to provide to you and yours for better quality of life, while it is true that money in itself does not make happiness, but makes you possible to use older tools to be putting everything into place and let you more happy moments.

It should assess the hiring of coaches and consultants, which is common in developed countries and is becoming more recurrent, as well as the implementation of techniques and strategies through specific and material systematized to accommodate and optimize each area of your life. Life always te da what you invest in it, as said Benjamin Franklin,…Empty your pockets in your mind, that your mind will fill your pocket… I appreciate your attention please, wishing sincerely that your desires are spilling in your reality multiplied. And if you have any comments about this or any other topic do not hesitate to publish it in my facebook wall, I send an affectionate hug. Until next time!


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