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Energy Star

February 29th, 2016

1. Asegrate of which they are totally conscious of the functionality of your device. When they are used correctly, the multifunctional printers (MFP) can be saved in the amount of copies and impressions that its company makes slight already less cost in terms of the finances and the power consumption that if go to work several devices of a single function separately. 2. To make conscious to everybody: The express is incredible that the people acquire bad habits. For example, copies remove from a document, when it could easily be scanned and sent by electronic mail around its colleagues. To involve his personnel so that every time paper is consumed is absolutely essential and can make a difference substantial, as much in terms of financial energy and costs. 3.Apagado Copying: All in the office must make sure to verify that all the nonessential copiers and other machines are dull before leaving the office, being reduced potentially their invoice of energy.

to 4.Hacer use of the system Duplex (double slide) by defect: This would have in fact to be established like predetermined in the copiers, which will to a great extent reduce the amount of paper that is consumed and also to reduce its costs of office. 5. To only use what you need: For example, not to copy or to print to color in a leaf of great size/paper much more satin MFD when one smaller, simpler machine of paper in black and white, mate would be sufficient. 6.Comprueba the screen before printing: In fact, it is worth the pain to become familiar with the menu of the machine. This way, if you are not in a hurry frenetically to find the function that wishes or in risk of the unnecessary copy accomplishment.

7. It knows your feeder documents: It can sound elementary, but when using the document feeder, asegrate of which the correct direction is towards where you are accommodating your paper, mainly if you are going to use a membretada leaf. 8.Verificacin of saving of Energy before buying equipment: When buying a new copier, printer, scanner of the printing multifunction (MFP), asegrese to verify the environmental credentials of its product. Example that counts on accreditation Energy Star. 9. Consultation to a specialist in document management: Applications allow him to form the printing multifunction and copiers to work of the most efficient way, avoiding than the machines badly are located or are badly being used. 10. To recycle. Sofia Alvarez. Expert in solutions of copied equipment of for office.


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