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Benefits Of A Solar Store

April 8th, 2016

Why a solar store could be worth with rising electricity costs growing interest in solar save. More and more system owners rightly ask why they do not introduce cheap solar energy, but use expensive electricity from the utility. A higher consumption is a simple solution to reduce electricity costs by up to 70 percent. The remaining kilowatt hours for the legally guaranteed feed-in tariff as usual. Worth the solar energy storage for you? See also the current feed-in tariff: current eeg-einspeiseverguetung / solar store get more out of your home resort for everyone who new buys a PV system is a high own consumption is interesting.

You can reach the internal consumption in two ways. Connect all energy-intensive household appliances through the middle of the day or time-independent wash with PV solar store, Cook and dry. You can increase the consumption up to 70 percent. Accordingly, the shared sinks Energy from the provider on about one-third. Another plus: the enormous saving of cost of electricity also improves the yield of a PV system.

But also the general public benefits: the electricity networks are relieved, guarantees security of supply and the expansion of networks will be less urgent. See also the ever energy power station: the PV solar storage tank lower electrical costs normally supplies a five kilowatt peak plant a family with sufficient energy. So far, most plant owners fully feed their solar power into the grid and operate their devices with normal”electricity from the wall socket. Therefore, while get the full feed-in tariff, pay and 100 percent of your regular electricity bill. Now this Bill no longer goes on. The feed-in tariff stays the same while the price for a kilowatt hour electricity is steadily increasing. So, from an economic perspective, it makes sense to use the own solar power. A solar storage allows each Photovoltaikbesitzer, the electricity costs by up to two-thirds to reduce.

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