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Ana Lukenda Photographers

June 15th, 2017

Images that tell a story: photo agency Edith images goes online Cologne/Frankfurt a.M., 08.03.2013. It has teamed a lot in the world of images: you are not only in a matter of seconds produced, edited and sent around the world, but must be processed in particular always faster. As a result, image fatigue. Nevertheless, it is the image of remains central carrier of information and emotion, and therefore indispensable for the communications industry. Mitchel Resnick has plenty of information regarding this issue. Edith images from Cologne has a remedy for the Visual attention deficit disorder: the new image agency opts for authentic works with aesthetic, which is also a story about individual tags.

Edith images is now available online at edithimages.de. The currently 4000 pictures database delivers images with depth motifs from all areas, because the founders of Ana Lukenda and Franziska Liebig is first and foremost about the strength of the imagery. With a focus on artistic works and analog aesthetic, Edith images follows the trend After deceleration, authenticity and depth qualities that are becoming increasingly important in the digital age. People have enough viewed on the surface”, says Edith founder and communication designer Ana Lukenda. Our images invite you to linger and ask the Viewer to take a second look out so as you would discover long hidden images of the attic.” This comparison does not come by about: in addition to digital photos, Edith images offers unique analog treasures from different decades, transporting a hardly achievable feel and depth. Thus, the young agency appeals to a growing target group interested in social and cultural issues, which is increasingly more challenging against Visual messages.

The website reflects the innovative concept a stage for strong images also. Well-known categories are for Edith images not finding, ensure accurate search settings for results that meet the customers. They expected no hours click by tons to Material, but a careful selection of authentic photos and illustrations that correspond to the spirit of the times. Everything on personal contacts is based on Edith images. So, the images get the venue that is due to them. A simple design takes the photographs expertly produced. The software tool jQuery plugin isotopes focuses on picture selections. Individual diversity 40 conceptual and theme-oriented working photographers and photographers have so far filled the platform. Edith images focuses on young, international, established themselves on the image market photographers and a fair price-performance ratio: our photographers act with passion. We want to reward that”, says founder Franziska Liebig. Accordingly, the photographer can exhibit their work under the rights managed or royalty free licenses available. About Edith images Edith images is a photo agency founded in 2011 by the communication designers Ana Lukenda and Franziska Liebig, headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Currently about 4000 images of 40 photographers is comprehensive since March 2013 Database online. You due to its focus on authentic imagery with aesthetic, stands out consciously against the classical picture agencies and offers unique analogue images in addition to digital works. While Edith images relies on individuality rather than mainstream. Edith images sees itself as a platform for young, conceptual and theme-oriented working photographers. They get a profile on the website and copies of relevant projects for own use. The provider can make available their work under the license rights managed or royalty free. Customers benefit from carefully selected photos and illustrations that match the spirit of the times with its strong imagery.

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