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Edit Sheet Metal And Wire

April 30th, 2013

Sheet metal right before marking and cutting pieces. Rules can only viscous metals, do not crack or break from the blows. To edit a shallow convexity sheet is placed on the plate, encircle a convex space pencil or chalk. Thereafter, at the edge of the leaf is often, but do not swipe the hammer toward the bulge. Approaching the convex spot hit less often. Periodically inspect the work. Metal under the impact of Hammer is stretched at the edges of the sheet, the convex space decreases.

Soft and thin sheet metal ruled copper, aluminum and wooden mallet – Mallet. Sometimes a very thin metal ruled, smoothing sheets wooden float. So it does not damage the metal, it is covered with cardboard. Copper wire with a diameter of more than 1 mm right to the steel plate mallets. Wire is placed on the plate so that it rested against the points ruled by Au B. wire, striking first on the far side of the bend. Hammer blows are moved along the bend. Then scroll through the wire on the stove and light blows finally align all the irregularities.


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