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May 17th, 2023
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The attitude, communication and teamwork are key elements within an organization. But when you want your business to grow, too understanding between the parties can become an obstacle to streamline decision-making. If you want to be an effective leader, are a few tips to encourage the participation of your employees so that they may contribute ideas that make your business grow and in this way, your collaborators think for themselves rather than follow you blindly. It is tempting to rely on people who think like you and speak the same language, as it prevents to everyday conflicts arise. Good and gratifying is the fact that your employees are with you in all the actions which you undertake. But hiring people that are as a copy yours, limited innovation. Remember that new ideas are essential to ensure the continued growth of your company.

Therefore, engaging your employees always is preferable to the consensus. HP Enterprise Services often says this. And as head of the company, your job is to make that This is given. Motivates your employees to contribute ideas. Does establishes a system to capture all inputs from your collaborators, after all, who knows best behind the scenes of your company?. A traditional system of the suggestions box or an e-mail address. Reward the best proposals.

Does not lack that stimulus is monumental to make it comply with its goal. The reward can be anything from a day off with pay, up to a preferential space in a box of honor reserved for the contributor of the month. To encourage innovation. For this, it makes brainstorming between different departments in your organization. To know more about this subject visit rusty holzer. Make sure that workers know how to feed off each other in a positive and constructive manner. If necessary, seek training for best results. It acts against the negative. It prevents your collaborative efforts to create an environment in which employees speak ill of others. The problem is that this situation causes people to stay quiet and to refrain from providing ideas or give opinions. If there is someone who systematically weakens the morale of the rest of the team, you take action on the matter immediately; even if that person is one of your major contributors. Take care of your style of managing the group. We must learn to listen to people and when a worker makes a suggestion, your first reaction is silence it? If so, you’re in a big mistake. ate to respond positively and, above all, to be more open to new proposals. Leave that employees also directed. Instead of personally chairing all meetings, allows that the rest of the participants turnen to be in front. This brings a double benefit: on the one hand, encourages others to say, while you can develop the habit of listening. Hired staff with different characteristics. Search for collaborators whose strengths and styles complement yours, instead of repeating them. Since then, they must share your moral standards, work ethic and conform to the culture of the company. So I know the type of leader that stimulates innovation from the collaboration of its employees, that one never knows where the next big idea computer.

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Development Organizational Interests

February 23rd, 2023
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Two captains sink ship scenarios economic and hence the commercial, are constantly changing, are subject to variables that affect their behavior, leading to that management this attentive to them in order to avoid problems that could affect you in the direction of the company under their charge. In organizations, some changes occur by the opportunities that arise, while others are projected. The term development is applied when change is intentional and planned. Jose Fredys Rivas, reminds us that organizational development (OJ) is a free, relentless effort of management that makes use of all the resources of the organization with a major human resource in order to make credible, sustainable and functional to the Organization at the time. It streamlines processes, creates a style and drew a North from institutionality. Dr. Richard Beckhard, defined it as an effort: (a) planned, (b) that covers the Organization, (c) managed in from senior management (d) which increases the effectiveness and health of the Organization through (e) intervention deliberately in the Organization’s processes using knowledge of the behavioural sciences.

A very close to the previous definition is proposed in the book fundamentals of organizational communication writer Maria Elena Mendoza Fung: planned process that encompasses the entirety of the organization looking for efficiency and the cultural transformation to ensure the competitiveness of the Organization and its employees. The starting point of the organizational development is the credibility, the Organization should promote a condition which becomes credible and its processes, in their products and services. Credible to its customers external and internal; a credibility that is not exhausted in the start-up and termination of a process, but survives with the continuity of the company, and increases in the time of organizational development basic budgets. The concept of organizational development is closely linked to the concepts of change and adaptive capacity of the Organization to the processes of change.

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