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Sun Reflection

July 15th, 2016

The latitude also influences directly in the amount of radiation that arrives the terrestrial surface, therefore the terrestrial axle possesss average inclination of 23, such characteristic in accordance with the period of the year, makes with that a hemisphere is more ' ' iluminado' ' , that is, it receives greater radiation that the other, thus, the stations of the year, as much the main ones as summer and winter, as the transitory ones as autumn and spring, is alternated in each hemisphere, therefore, the Land possesss rocking of different radiation during the sazonais periods of the stations of the year. The altitude of the Sun, understood here as the angular relation between the incident ray and the tangent formed in one determined point of the terrestrial surface, also it affects in the amount of incident solar radiation on the Land, therefore how much lesser the surface will be the angle of the tangent formed in relation, minor will be the bigger absorption and Albedo, that is, capacity of reflection of energy proceeding from the solar ray for the surface, in the same way how much bigger it will be the formed angle, more intense it will be the absorption of the incident ray and lesser it will be its reflection. Soon, during the first hours of the morning and in entardecer the Sun forms the lesser angles in relation the terrestrial surface what it causes to minor absorption of energy and greater reflection process, with the evolution of the day the Sun arrives at its maximum point of altitude to the noon forming great and straight angles in the tangent with the surface, in this case the energy absorption will be bigger while the reflection will be neglected. Inside of as the group of factors that influence the distribution of insolation on the terrestrial surface, has it distribution of the liquid and terrestrial surfaces, beyond the rise and the behavior of the same ones.


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