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Student Education

April 9th, 2017

Now, from the perspective of consciousness holistic, in addition, we add to our feel a thinking more committed to the planet, innovation, causes with consequences, love, relationships, etc. In such a State of things, the holistic education is a process in which we acquire conscience in the sense that the world is a whole; Here, the educator has to think about the student as a whole human being, and now no longer as in the past, when the learner as a capable semicognitivo subject was seen only moderately processed information which was provided by the teacher, because it is important to assume that the student is the owner of feelings, experience, values, spiritual, family, life felt aesthetic, intuition, and therefore, it cannot be considered that doesn’t even have body beyond the physical brain. We must bear in mind that the student is a holder of an unlimited inner potential human being, a sensitive subject oriented to learn, a spiritual being in search of knowledge capable of recognizing the inherent beauty of life; In sum, a being with multiple dimensions of human experience. Now, already understood the important role that plays the student in the proceso-aprendizaje relationship, it is necessary to highlight the importance of education holistic, which can be explained with a methodology of different orders. On another topic, must say that the intellectual aspect should be cultivated with love and respect, since the verbal and mathematical intelligences are developed through experience gained when student. Another avenue is social coexistence, representing another integral part of the individual development as well as education strategy stimulated through cooperative actions and teamwork which emphasizes emotional, because that real learning requires self-esteem and emotional security; in this sense, spirituality is one of the main distinctive features of the holistic education. Now, learning about science and technology with holistic vision not intended to diminishing the efforts made to develop the scientific and technological knowledge, if not make it clear as they come in the emerging sustainable culture of the 21st century, pointing to limits, benefits and hazards when they are not understood properly. .


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