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May 23rd, 2013

In the case of solar panels, the problem is that when there is more heat and more solar incidence, this makes that your performance is affected, a heat stagnation occurs and instead of taking advantage of this energy begins to decrease greatly the efficiency. In addition that these teams do not have axes systems to follow the Sun and take advantage of more daylight hours. Some teams only have one axis, but this is not enough since the better use of energy is when the Sun’s rays fall perpendicularly to the team, for this we need dual axis systems. Instead solar concentration as the SolarBeam teams has a constant performance throughout the day, since they concentrate all the energy of the Sun in a focal point, besides not having heat stagnation, has a dual-axis system, allowing to follow the Sun throughout the day, and that sun rays fall always perpendicular to the computer, all this makes it far superior to other systems. Advantages of the solar concentrator maximum profitability of the solar installation: while we produce heating, which already saves you optimizing the available space since a hub replaces 19.25 flat solar panels receive maximum radiation possible thanks to its dual-axis solar tracking system.

Installation costs are also reduced, because is necessary less piping and wiring. It is easy to install. It is designed so that it is easy to change components, adapted photovoltaic cells to produce heat and electricity at the same time. It is capable of generating stable shape heat at a temperature which is around 95 C. There is no risk of overheating Thanks to its addition adapting control systems an absorption equipment can produce air conditioning, with the added advantage of the coincidence of the most in demand with maximum insolation occurring in the summer months.


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