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Renewable Energy

August 12th, 2012

The majority of our power plants is petroleum, natural gas and coal. The nuclear power and electrical of renewable sources is the ores used for the consumption. Between renewable the natural energies or of alternative sources that are used mainly include the water or hydraulic, geothermal, Aeolian energy, to pave and biomass. The biomass includes the wood, the urban solid residues, gases of garbage dump, biogas, the ethanol and it saw diesel engine. Before, people trusted the use of the renewable energies in the wood mainly, to provide heat and light. But when the fossil materials like petroleum and the coal were introduced, the renewable energies were annulled.

The renewable energy is something that can be used to generate heat or electricity, but without using untenable fuels nor releasing carbon dioxide in the terrestrial atmosphere. The reason for which the renewable energies are more and more frequent must that other nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels they are finite and the supply will end up run out itself. In addition, the nonrenewable energies also are more detrimental for the environment due to the carbon dioxide levels emitted through the extraction and use. The renewable sources of energy are the Aeolian one, to pave and tidal, among others. The solar energy makes use of the light of the Sun and it is possible to be used of a way similar to the one of the electricity, gas to warm up the water or the temperature of his home. Spain is one of the advanced countries more the developing of the solar energy, since he is one of the countries of Europe with greater amount of hours of sun. The Spanish government is had it jeopardize to produce 12% of the energy by means of renewable energies for 2010. More than 3600 megavatios (MW) of photovoltaic plants in Spain already they produce in 2009 a 1.9% of the consumed electrical energy.

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