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Ladies Dental Talk: Inspiration To More Success

January 30th, 2016

Dentists are thrilled by the start of the series of events in Hamburg Hamburg. Stimulating discussions, inspired by a presentation and enjoyment at the 3-course menu: The Brasserie the Bank in Hamburg was on 27 October meeting place for 65 dentists as well as representatives and representatives from politics and industry. With this first ladies dental talk, initiated by the EU business Ambassador and PR expert Dr. Karin Uphoff, launched a nationwide series of events that will encourage dentists to (even) more professional success. “In her opening speech, the Erfolgsunternehmerin noted Uphoff: the future of dentistry is female!” The high numbers of graduate as well as the numerous foundations of practice by tooth doctors pointed out in the past few years. “But the industry reflects at the same time the situation of working women in Germany: high trained and motivated, dentists earn even always significantly less than their male counterparts”, so Dr. Karin Uphoff. The Exchange among each other as well as with representatives from politics, business, and industry to promote and to pave the way for more success, had the EU corporate Ambassador with a special passion for the dental industry to the first ladies dental talk”loaded.

About 65 guests accepted the invitation. Petra Schmitt Boger partners with rank and name the great interest of the dentists shows us, that we are with the topic on the pulse of the time”, highlighted in her presentation. The marketing expert and Executive Director of the traditional laboratory Boger dental technology in Hamburg-Altona was Uphoff to the cooperation partner of the Hamburg ladies dental talk”has been selected. Because knowing that a project of this size needs competent on-site support, the EU corporate Ambassador for the individual events to build regional alliances. As expert with international marketing experience at boss, adidas, Siemens and Philips, as an expert in dental issues, as well as a successful entrepreneur, Petra Schmitt Boger brings just the right Conditions with which the expertise and the power of vision, to support such an initiative in organizing and conducting in the long term,”explained their choice Uphoff.

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