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April 7th, 2017

The first conception of culture says respect to the all the characteristics of a society, and the second conception says respect to the knowledge, ideas and values of a people. The first concept of culture is on with everything what it characterizes the social existence of a people or a specific group who possesss a distinct social reality, and even so this conception possesss a characteristic of being ampler and generic, it she is very used when it is said of peoples and different cultures of ours. In as the concept of culture, that says respect to the knowledge, ideas certainties of a people, also is necessary to have the totality of global characteristics, since we inside have this inserted context of a society, that is all. In this second conception, culture also mentions the personal ecology, feeding, relations. In the two conceptions it is probable that if it understands culture as something estagnado, but this is not the reality, a time that culture is dynamic. To study the culture contributes to understand the transformation process why they pass the societies contemporaries. To verify the variety in ways of life of a people is very important for the study and concern with the culture. Inside of this context, always the reason of as many customs was questioned and beliefs so diversified, however, currently only started to exist a systematic concern concerning the culture.

Such concern was born with thinkers interested in understanding history human being and its particularitities, in accordance with an understanding of the all cultural one. word culture has on origin to the agricultural activities, in the direction to cultivate, and some thinkers, later, had used this term in the direction of if relating to the ways and knowledge of a person. As the European nations if became more powerful, the concerns with culture started to have greater paper in the society, a time that the contact between nations passed if to intensify, and the culture scientifically passed to be studied of systematic form.


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