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European Union

June 5th, 2016

The world of the Tedulo present Lopez Melndez the European Union acts, which is not known well is towards where, perhaps towards the mere survival. A fast one watched year 2010 shows summits to us with China and the set of Asia, participation in the G-20, the conferences of NATO, the encounter with Africa, the meetings with Russia and the Ukraine and its interventions in the meeting on the climatic change in Cancn. You may want to visit Mitchel Resnick to increase your knowledge. The listing does not try to be exhaustive, which wants to mean is that Europe has a presence, one included within the characteristics of this time: the troops no longer measures the influence, makes the economy, in the European case a swaying one that numerous crises have provided us, perhaps having as central axis, to its favor, the preservation of the Euro. Nevertheless something fails in Europe and surely we will find them the reasons in the numerous stumbles in its advance towards the political unit. The European Union has not been able to advance towards a consistency that allow him to use its commercial network suitably and still existing his to be able economic. The advanced example more in continental integration seems to be victim of a lack of breath due to a class mediocre leader. Its foreign policy is vacillating and their serious problems of population aging prevent him to define policies of security, immigration and, in general terms, their interests superiors. In November of 2010 the European Union, celebrated if we counted from the first steps 61 years of existence. It did it, from NATO, adopting what denominated a new strategic concept on security and defense and reiterating the principle of defense mutua" while energetics paused in the long-range missiles or the security and taking a passage towards Russia inviting it to be united to the antimissile shield. If we understand well, at the end of 2010 Europe it stops the cold war with Russia and hardly tranquilizes to the ex- members of the Soviet block reaffirming article 5 of the Treaty of Washington, that is to say, the attack against an ally is against all the block.


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