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Computer Simulators

November 30th, 2011

Therefore, in addition to traditional exercises to determine the price scale values apply computer simulator (multimedia application. Physics, 7klass. Presentation of the 04 'measurement of physical quantities'), then lead students to study computer science, computer lab where I spend working "definition of fluid with beakers. "(Laboratory work, Grade 7) and then spend only laboratory work itself. In ninth-great difficulties arise in assembling the circuit on a given schema. Therefore, in while learning the front of the laboratory work in phases I spend a demo computer laboratory work, "Building an electrical circuit and measuring the strength of the current" where children can see clearly how the instrument with which to connect and what order (Labs, Grade 8) difficulties in setting up the experiments and the lack of exact data values, measured during the operation, make it impossible to reach the goal, right interpret the results of experiments to make comparisons and conclusions. That is, ultimately, prevents the development of mental activity and creative abilities of students. In this respect, difficult to perform laboratory work in grade 10 with a conical pendulum.

Pendulum very quickly decay, the value of the oscillation period and the subsequent calculations of velocity and acceleration can only be approximate. Computer Lab allows you to measure with sufficient accuracy (laboratory work, grade 10). Using the lessons of physics elements of this educational technology provides each student to create a positive motivation to the process of teaching, the development of thinking and cognitive autonomy, intellectual and practical skills, development of skills in working with individuals equipment, development of ICT – the competence of trainees; efficient use of time in the classroom, the skills of self, group and team learning. I especially want to note The modeling of various phenomena in any case not a substitute for real, 'live' experiments, but in combination with them allows for a higher level to explain what was going on. Our experience shows that such lessons arouse students' interest in this, leave the work of even the weaker kids. The quality of knowledge at the same time considerably increases. Of education today requires more than yesterday. And it is using in the classroom information technology will help the teacher to build the learning process more efficient.


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