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Commercial Learning

April 19th, 2012

In the Maranho, as resulted of this partnership with the UAB, they can be detached: the Federal Institute Education, Science and Technology of the Maranho (IFMA) that it started to offer courses of Licenciatura in Chemistry and Computer science, beyond several other courses of extension and professional qualification; the State University of the Maranho (UEMA) offering about 8 courses of graduation, 6 of after-graduation the level of specialization and 4 of perfectioning and the Federal University of the Maranho (UFMA) developing 5 courses of graduation, 2 specializations and 8 courses of perfectioning. 2 EDUCATION ON-LINE IN THE STATE OF THE MARANHO The Maranho presents one numbers increasing of people who study through the long-distance Education. This growth also reflects in the modality on-line, but in a slow rhythm, beyond spreading antagonistically between the public and private spheres. In the private initiative, the access takes care of to a sufficiently restricted public, while the public institutions of superior education assume the role to spread out the modality in a region where the pointers of technological accessibility are inaudveis of the country. Being an institution created for the Federal government with management of enterprise groups, the National Service of Commercial Learning (SENAC It to ME) inaugurated in the 2005 end the cycle of the education on-line in the Maranho in the private scope through courses of after-graduation in the specialization level its employees, beyond offering partnerships with some companies directed public agencies to the management. The modality if became an important resource for qualification of determined strategical groups of the corporations, essentially, for its aiming the professionals who already possuam a daily convivncia with systems informatizados in its proper environments of work. Daily the digital one perfectly conditioned the acceptance of the modality for the proper flexibility of time and space, entering into an alliance itself with an enterprise logic directed to dinamizar the free times through the studies, that is, instruction without leaving its functions necessarily. .


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