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Brazilian Climate

August 9th, 2016

Thus, one brief relation of these atmospheric systems and its characteristics becomes, emphasizing its places of origin and performance, beyond explanar the dynamism that they cause. This study one gave through a reading on the atmospheric systems and the climatic controls, that are the responsible ones for the movement of air. Air masses, fronts, movement of air. The atmospheric systems? the air masses the fronts related they, are the meteorological phenomena that more influence the time in our continent. The comment of these phenomena is of utmost importance for a detailed knowledge of the climate, being thus the analysis of the atmosphere through the equipment job new, increased the study of the different fields of pressure, which are formadores of the controls climatic. These studies of the atmospheric dynamics have as objective to describe and to predict the meteorological conditions, identifying the climatic controls, which cause the climate of one definitive region. From this form, the air masses dislocate in the direction Equator-Polar region, generating atmospheric discontinuities that are the fronts, them determine the climates of the subtropical and tempered regions.

The movement of air is supported by the different distribution of the energy solar and influenced by the rotation of the Land. These movements are the determinative ones of the climatic zones in the different places of the Planet. Thus, the average position of the main centers of action and the dominant winds cause the dynamism of air on the surface. Being thus, it can be inferred that the climatic types of Brazil are given through the great movement of the air, caused for the dynamism of the atmosphere. With this, one perceives that the Brazilian territory sufficiently is influenced by air masses and front.


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