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January 1st, 2016

Baguette helps protect your painting or photo. Beauty – a promise of happiness (Stendhal), and art – it is beautiful. urce of information. Capture the creativity, made by human hands (paintings, photos) are fairly simple. Modern technology of paper, paint, etc. provide reliable storage of paintings, so work can please the eye of visitors for more than one decade. And to the time period other hand, there is one important requirement – the production bases for the frame have to be made of natural materials, preferably wood. But this is only a third of the entire production process.

The procurement framework Cluttered halls of museums paintings simply can not be. The plates have the optimal size that is for everyone to see and enjoy the works of meters. Impressions after a visit to such cultural activities – weight. A man sees only the dignity of the picture, there are no reflections image. Even at large distances the works of artists did not alter its content. All details are clearly seen, analyzed, discussed. Representativeness of the work also gives the correct coverage. Uniformly incident on the picture or photo light creates depth and glamor of exposure. Exhibition, which use the wooden frame, or as popularly referred to as – the stand – one of the most popular, they attract not only hard-core views of art, but also ordinary people, that is good news. Article available Binding: mat, design mirrors, moldings, picture frames, mirror frames. We will hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.

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