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The Creation

August 31st, 2013
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A way of saying to a friend, is a form that allows a visitor to recommend to your friends your website; If found useful the information on its web site. A site with good content and information very valuable, we virally recommend to more friends, if they find the content nice and full of high quality information. Therefore, should make every effort to select or add better quality content that can. 3 Add a pop-up note for each page of your site’s content add a note pop-up to your web site, it is an easy-to-grasp instantly, way the eyeballs of visitors and force them to subscribe to your newsletter or e-newsletter. The type of notes popup that I have been known to increase the capacity of response of the visitors of the site to bid only determined by the description of the offer in the note. Now you get the idea.

! Just be sure to put a pop-up note on each page of your web site, so will see a growth in the list. Also, make sure that the pop-up is advertising for its electronic publication or news bulletin. 4. Write an article or press release, about your web site with your new content. Write an article or press release is only a way to reactivate the traffic to your web site. Only a press release can send hundreds of links to your site, as well as some advertising media. 5 Generate another web site content by repeating steps 1 through 4, or simply keep adding original content to its web site, to get to grow the creation of a mailing list. Well, this is now all that is needed to produce a machine or the creation of a passive mailing list, which constantly sends currents of subscribers to your newsletter or e-newsletter.

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APS Solar

August 31st, 2013
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Solar street lighting: APS solar photovoltaics can be used to provide a source of clean, economic, power available on the site, different lighting applications, among which we find the public lighting and spectacular lighting.Solar street lighting or solar lighting systems are systems that well-designed and with proper maintenance provide free and reliable lighting for many years.A solar luminaire contains basically three elements: solar panel that transforms sun rays into electricity, the storage and control system that stores energy and regulates its use and the lighting system that depending on requirements opts for technology of light, magnetic induction, low pressure sodium vapor light emitting diodes. Evaluation of the potential of solar street lighting. There are several factors to consider when evaluating the possibility of implementing solar luminaries, for every lighting need factors as levels of illumination, physical characteristics of the place of installation, comparative cost between solar luminaires and conventional luminaires, are decisive factors when implementing solar or conventional technology. Solar street lighting luminaires. Solar street lighting teams are independent unitary systems, designed to operate autonomously to 100%, photovoltaic panel is integrated to the post, normally at its tip, batteries and the control system are housed in a Cabinet mounted on the pole. The luminaire itself is the complete lighting unit and consists of the bulb, ballast, reflector diffuser and casing. Systems of one or two luminaires are integrated by post.

Lighting levels. The solar street lighting luminaires provide levels of illumination on average of 30 Lux, depending on the model, type and mounting height employed luminaire can change this value. The place of installation is suitable for solar fixtures.Photovoltaic panel should provide guidance to the geographic South of the place of installation be free of shadows virtually all day, do the installation area is free from shadows or there are trees, buildings or structures that prevent a good insolation? There are particular conditions to take into consideration as they may be, extreme temperatures, ambient marine or strong winds.



August 28th, 2013
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Solar concentrators have the task to concentrate sunlight on a focal point, a heat exchanger or collector and its dimensions are 25 x 25 cm in size.Solar concentrators are the most commonly used in applications that need amount of hot water. Hubs consist of a parabolic antenna that reflect light in a small collector.This is similar to the idea of using a magnifying glass to focus light on a small area.When high temperatures are concentrated in a small area, the water can be heated very quickly and can be used for solar heating.The collector is usually dark and has special properties that account for 97% of light waves.Inside the absorber has a piping system that is filled with a medium of transfer of heat (usually water with antifreeze).Water is heated by the concentrated light and then fed to the hot water tanks.A heat exchanger is installed in the construction and be It is used to separate cold water from the hot water. water flows go through a second pipeline again to the manifold, while the heated water goes to hot water tanks.The heat exchanger comes in very small sizes.In the majority of cases, however, a heat exchanger can be connected to 3 hubs SolarBeam if necessary flow is d 4 litres / minute.If the required flow is highest requires a larger heat exchanger. Best solar concentrators are those who achieve efficiencies of 85% and water can be elevated to 90 degrees Celsius.SolarBeam uses an appropriate material for your collector to ensure the capacity of absorption of high light and low thermal emission.Spectral layers most selective have a 90% – 95% absorption rate and a rate of emission of 5-15%. Efficiency is influenced by the design of the collector: the optical losses describe the proportion of irradiation solar power that can not be absorbed by the absorber.In the case of solar concentrators, the shape of the parabolic curve is essential to ensure that all light is reflected in the 25 x 25 cm of the collector.If the form is not perfect then decreases efficiency because some of the lights are reflected in areas outside the manifold. Also heat losses depend on the temperature difference between the absorber and the outside air, by sunstroke and in the construction of the collector.For flat panels, requires increasing the outside air, the increase of heat reduces losses and efficiency. Solar concentrators have the advantage that does not lose effectiveness even when the ambient temperature is drastically different.

To store hot water tanks can be of stainless steel, steel with enamel coating or plastic or copper.Stainless steel is more sensitive to water with a chloride content. Tanks must be fitted with a magnesium or external galvanic anode to prevent corrosion.Best storage tanks are made of copper. The advantages of copper are their lightness and ease of manufacture in different sizes.


Solar Insulation

August 24th, 2013
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The solar insulating sheets for Windows are a product of last generation that are composed of a thin layer of ceramic molecules or metal oxides and than installed on the interior or exterior of the Windows, Act of insulating barrier, with a great efficiency. We say that these solar insulating sheets act as an insulating barrier since they reject solar energy and not allow the output or input of heat into the room decreasing conductivity of the ventana-lamina set. The solar insulating sheets reject 99% of ultraviolet radiation and up to 80% of the infrared radiation (heat causing) which provides the following advantages: 1. energy saving and ecology: the installation of the solar insulating sheets contributes to the care of the environment, since it allows to reduce the use of air conditioning (air conditioning and heating) because of their insulating barrier function. Each KW-hora consumed electric power produces an approximate 0.5 Kg of CO2 emission to the atmosphere. The payback periods of the solar plates, depending on the characteristics of the building, are short (1 to 3 years).

2 Increase in comfort:-reduction of the dryness of the atmosphere that reduces the use of air conditioning and heating with what also prevents colds. -Homogenization of temperature by the reduction of hot and cold points. -Reduction of reflections and glare. -Enjoy the views and input of visible light. -Elimination by fading of furniture and fabrics. 3.

Security: If there is the breaking of the glass blade would keep all fragments together preventing crystals salten and produce cuts. Installation: The installation of the solar insulating sheets on the inside of the Windows is very simple. The blade has a layer protector, by its inner part, that once off leaves the view adhesive item, that by applying a solution of water and SOAP allows this sticking to the glass of the window. The installation of insulating sheets, can be both housing and automotive media, although in these last must be homologated. Types of films: there is a wide range of solar sheets depending on the needs that we want to cover:-specific solar foils for rejection of solar energy. -Blades to preserve intimacy. -Safety blades. -Blades to prevent discoloration of fabrics and furniture. Laminas them solares insulation for Windows is a very efficient and economical solution in some countries these sheets have state subsidies because they contribute to the care of the environment.



August 21st, 2013
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Only then you can consider yourself you get immersed in the path of the winner. To this we add other aspects such as: when you identify yourself with knowledge, relevance, importance, scope and is known to use properly when you have an autoconociomiento yourself when you have the conviction identify and handle the virtues when he lieth not, neither makes use of flattery and manipulation when you achieve results that favour to all. When is handled effectively the source of love, compassion, tolerance. When you have security and demonstrates when know manage, manage emotions without affecting us, n i affect anyone. When we identify with the potential of faith and We can handle favorably when we cultivate well our actions to collect growth and help others to find the path for where you should walk towards his victory. Worth remembering Mario Benedetti, when he gives us the importance which must be for a triumphant considering: do not surrender, even if they are on time and start again, have your fears, releasing ballast, to resume the flight. Do not give up that life is this, continue the journey, pursue your dreams, to know, to run the rubble and uncover the sky. Don’t give up, please don’t you yield, although cold burn, although fear of bite, but hide the Sun and wind, street there is still fire in your soul, still there is life in your dreams.

Look at you with love and respect and get the others see you the same way, because you’re something beautiful, joy is a ray of light that should always remain lit, illuminating all our acts. We share the above by Suryavan Solar, in his poem: winner. Do not listen to the mediocresQue you say you can not!Do not listen to the cobardesQue you they say don’t risk!Do not listen to the mezquinosQue tell you I don’t think! Do not listen to the ociososQue they tell you not to work!Or listen to the fracasadoQue tells you not to try!Just listening to the optimistQue tells you advance, you can!Just listening to the valientesQue tell you not give up!Listening to the entusiastasQue encourage and give encouragement.To the great triunfadoresQue dream with the imposibleEscucha to those who conocenEl the way of the victoriEllos built mundosImperios, Suns, Galaxiasencontraras the big tesoroMas that there is life, true freedom, consciousness of who you are a be total, without borders, without limits, without misery in summary, is that energy Alchemy, of conviction, responsibility to be successful in each of usprovided that we do not identify with this and we are not willing to achieve it. Don’t forget, is the scope, implications that generates his triumph, simply, know properly the opportunity that has been given you. Success!

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Government System

August 17th, 2013
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Solar power can cost between three and five times more than electricity pricing standard. When a user is already connected to the network, other factors such as environmental concerns, are more likely to drive a decision to invest in this solar technology. When it is not connected to the network, solar energy can be an economical solution. Even when non-economic factors influencing the decision to purchase, economic reimbursement of a system can be understood by comparing the initial investment in a base price per watt peak at the expense of other primary energy sources. To further weaken the costs in the price per kilowatt / hour, the investment in the system and the construction of solar panels can be compared with standard electricity rates. This can also provide an estimate of the time that is needed to pay the initial investment. In general, the lower the initial investment, greater is the regular rate of electricity. In addition, the sunny weather, the faster the system that is amortised.

How can the economic equation be improved? -Cost of the Solar energy the cost of a system of 1 kW peak system can vary from us $.UU. between 8,000 and 12,000 dollars.UU., or 8,800 to 13.200 before sales tax and any Government assistance program. The costs of installing solar panels is estimated at 1,000-2,000 U.S. dollars.UU. or 1, 100-2, 200. Assuming a life of 20-year system, and including the cost of finance, this investment can be equal to a price of kWh of 30-40 c/kwhr in sunny and 60-80 c/kwhr climates in cloudy weather.

-Discounts and incentives local utilities or energy of the Government agencies can offer promotions to boost investment in solar energy systems. These local programs may subsidize the cost of the solar system at a 10% to 60% of the total cost, which significantly reduces the cost of the system per kilowatt / hour. financing programs It can reduce rates of 15-20 c/kwhr in sunny and 30-40 c/kwhr climates in cloudy climates–banks financing options can offer low interest loans for the purchase of solar photovoltaic systems and so provide the houses with solar energy. Some lenders may also grant an extension to a mortgage loan for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems. -Value of the electricity generated the economic return on investment for a solar energy system is equal to the value of the electricity generated by the system. As a minimum, electricity from the solar system moves to electricity that is normally supplied by a utility or energy services provider. A utility may also have excess power generated from the solar system, so that the mains electricity meter essentially moves backward.


Brand Management

August 13th, 2013
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The cannibalization in the business world is a phenomenon that is generally not desirable, although it is controlled by the company can have its advantages The cannibalization is usually defined as a situation in which sales of a product causing a reduction in sales of other products of the same company. The concept could be extended not only to the products of a company but an entire category, as we shall see. To account for cannibalization and the potentially damaging effects if not taken into account, we consider the example of Volkswagen Group. Among other exclusive brands, among the general framework by Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda This requires careful positioning of these three brands, would normally be a premium brand such as Volkswagen, Seat position as a sports brand, and Skoda would cheap “brand? So far, so good. However, by dint of insisting that they have quality Skoda Volkswagen, the first began to cannibalize the second. If the Fabia had a similar quality Pole, or the Octavia was similar to the Passat, but at a lower price offered more equipment, why buy the most expensive brand? This same problem has been experienced General Motors, which owns brands such as Cadillac, Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, etc., and in many cases not only compete, but for cost savings, share too many things, which resemble each other.

As a result, sales for example, produce a decline in sales. The same situation may occur in an entire product category, as in the case of Netbooks. Sales of these minicomputers laptops with screens 10 inches around, are cannibalizing sales of low-end laptops. The cannibalization is therefore an issue that companies must take extreme care, this is also one of the reasons why certain brands advertise that they do not manufacture for others. If I know I can buy a yogurt Danone manufactured under the brand name Acme, but 30% cheaper, possibly buy the latter. But if it makes for other brands, if you want to buy a quality Danone yogurt, I have to buy that brand, I have no choice. There are however companies that promote the cannibalization among its brands, to promote their competitiveness and to dominate the market through multi-brand one of the specialists in this strategy is the corporate giant, which dominates the market through its various brands in different product lines.


Building Solar Panels

August 13th, 2013
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Who doesn’t want to save energy when costs constantly seem to be climbing so high? with solar energy can save money if you decide to build solar panels on your House. You can save your money and you can use it in a better way rather than pay overdue electricity bills. In addition to the cost savings, will be also contributing with the environment since solar power is a healthy option for all. Using solar energy and derivatives of sunlight is the cheapest way to achieve the balance of economic power for his home. It is widely known that the construction of solar panels is an option much better and more viable for most people, since it allows one to save even more effective.

If you are looking for more economic ways to a great option is the use of items made at home for its construction. You can get everything you want from your own scrap yard. You will find a lot of elements that are used in the construction of solar panels. Tools are only needed to put these things together and batteries to store solar energy. If you have several options to build solar panels, do it yourself or ask someone or a company to install them in your home, then it will cost too much. Solar panels available in the market are ten times more expensive that which you can do at home and its cost of installation will be too high.

If we stick to the alternative of making one using their own tools, then it would be able to do so even at less than $250 and thus save energy to the mismop time. . Some of the tools that are required for the creation of a solar panel basically include wood, thick glass and solar cells. In order to dominate the instructions complete that you will find on different pages of the network and they will guide you step by step about what you should do, you should follow specific guidelines for building solar panels. These come in very specified for this purpose, and help to make the job much easier. You can view the tutorials online with videos and tutorials to learn about its installation and the best place to put these solar panels for maximum efficiency. Be sure to have enough time before you start to work since these tasks time consuming. It may be a good DIY for you project, and you can keep busy during the weekends.

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San Rafael Lagoon National Park

August 1st, 2013
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This, in circumstances that in evaluating Conaf requested a first technical report under the signature of officer Manuel Henriquez that will develop a study of environmental impact (EIA) and not a simple statement, but then in a trade signed by the regional director Claudio Godoy service drastically change your mind. They rated as most serious yet what has happened with the EIA of HidroAysen, where the company acknowledges that more than 48 acres of the Park would be flooded, before which Conaf expressed in its comments that the project is clearly incompatible with the purposes of the San Rafael Lagoon National Park and Parque Nacional Bernardo O Higgins, and constitutes an infraction manifest to the applicable environmental regulations and can not be remedied through addendum. Joins this appearing in the study not analysis of the impacts and risks for example accidents of ships with fuel – product of the transit of ships towards Puerto Yungay by areas linked to the Park. And yet, with the absence of relevant information, the Corema presided over by Mayor Selim Carrasco allowed the elaboration of the Icsara and sending them to the company as a way of facilitating the work expressed. The leaders added other situations that pose risks for the area, as the transmission line that aims to build Transelec to connect the dams on the Baker and the Pascua pass, if not virtually on top, by its outer edge with which the scenic attractiveness also would be affected. Miriam Chible in her capacity as President of the private corporation for the development of Aysen, Peter Hartmann as director of the subsidiary Committee Aysen pro defense of Flora and Fauna and the journalist safe Patricio made a call to the Government, and particularly the authorities we have in the region, to demonstrate a real commitment to our natural and cultural heritagethat it is not only there for the photo and discourse, but to preserve for generations future ayseninos and Chileans, and even humanity. They concluded that it is commendable to become recognised as a world reserve of fresh water, but it would even be more coherent to the qualification of biodiversity reserve carrying out practice and that the Government definitely send the file that makes the area Patagonian archipelagos and ice world heritage for Unesco, management that we do not understand why today is mired. Original author and source of the article.

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